Stimulation in twin or twin babies

Stimulation in twin or twin babies

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Twins or Twins? Almost all people tend to confuse both terms, even going so far as to say that it is the same. Twins or twins are different for a fundamental fact. Twins are born from the same embryo and share the same genome, while twins do not. However, both (both twins and twins) share the fact that they are born from the same gestation and therefore are special, taking into account that the normal thing for humans is the birth of an individual by gestation.

Twins occur when an embryo divides in two and gives rise to two different bodies. Twins, on the other hand, are different embryos that develop in the same gestation and share genes, but not as directly as twins.

Like each child has a development and goes at a different rate, in the case of twins or twins it is the same. Just because they were born in the same childbirth does not mean that their development will be the same. On the contrary, they generally show a very different development. Although both generally have the same developmental age, it is common to see how one of the babies presents a development, for example motor, more accelerated than the other, and on the contrary, one of them presents a developed social affective development, while the other does not.

When we work on stimulation with twin or twin babies, we will also take into account that they have an extra stage in their cognitive development compared to babies born from a simple birth. This stage is called'period of twin identity', and appears during the first two years of life of children, generating a delay in their development. But this delay is not something to be concerned about, since it usually recovers naturally around six to seven years.

This is because from birth, babies' needs are often met not individually, but as a couple. If a baby cries, it usually meets the demand of both, and not in a particular way. In general, parents of twins have great difficulty in considering each individual child as demanding a specific need.

And that is why this type of behavior, on the part of the parents, usually generates a small difficulty in the development of the twins. Hence, it is necessary to:

- Respect the individuality of baby. From the point of view of stimulation, we will also have to carry out differentiated sessions, since each one will present a different development. Taking into account their developmental age and pace.

- Another aspect to take into account is that the first acquisitions in relation to learning such as learn to walk and speak, it tends to appear in parallel, because children stimulate each other.

- When one baby begins to crawl, crawl or walk the other has a pattern to look at and that motivates him to do something he could do.

- Similarly, when one starts to babble, the other repeats their babbling, so that sometimes it seems that they are responding to each other. This is a time that you have to take the opportunity to promote language with them.

- On the other hand, in other types of acquisitions or learning, such as the fine motor perception etc ... There may be differences, in which one baby or child will stand out over the other.

In general there are four stages of twin development:

1.The twin fusion (0 to 2 years): at this time they are very similar and their needs are met at the same time.

2. Complementarity (after two years): each begins to develop their own potentials.

3.The first phase of autonomy (around the age of six): the school allows each child to acquire the behavior of a complete individual.

4.The second phase of autonomy: adolescence.

Taking these aspects into account, the development of twins or twins does not have to be as different as that of two brothers of different ages, only that we will have twice the work.

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