The crows. Short poem for children

The crows. Short poem for children

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Poetry is not for adults. There are fantastic poems for children that also bring them many benefits. Among them, it improves concentration and memory.

Use poetry with your children and encourage them to make up their own verses, including rhyme. You will see how they have fun. Here's an example of a short, rhyming poem. In this case, the protagonist is a crow.

A crow was flying

hovering over the sky,

and looking down he saw

a bunny on the ground

His movements watched,

He noticed that something was happening to him

and quickly descended

endangering his life.

I was hurt and moaning

I cried with grief,

his paw hurt

trapped in that stocks.

He consoled him with words,

and again taking flight,

went to look for the nest for help

without thinking for a moment.

Soon he returned,

with a flock of them,

all together with their beaks

they managed to open the iron.

Thank you very much birds

good has been your gesture,

you don't know how I appreciate

you have delivered me from the stocks.

And I promise never to speak

bad things crows,

well despite his fame

they have shown me otherwise.

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