Benavente the dog. Short poem for children

Benavente the dog. Short poem for children

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Not only stories teach children values. Also child weights can do it. For example, this one, which talks about differences as a great virtue. The protagonist is Benavente, a different and very particular dog.

Use short and rhyming poetry to bring your child closer to literature and enhance their ability to memorize.

This dog is different

all teeth are missing.

just eat rice and pasta,

hot bread and milk.

This dog is different

it has two big ears,

but you have to shout out loud,

he is deaf by accident.

This dog is different

her eyes are very clear,

but he has myopia,

and you need glasses.

This dog is different

it's completely white,

he is a very strange dog,

but it is an obedient dog.

This dog is different

he is very happy and patient,

it is the dog that I love the most,

it's my dog ​​Benavente.

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