The life of a Spanish mom in Denmark

The life of a Spanish mom in Denmark

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I am a Spanish mom who lives in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. Although in the online world I am known as Mami in Denmark, my real name is Teresa.

Since 2009 I decided to move to this small country where at first it was difficult for me to adapt but over time I have learned to love it more and more. When you come from the south, the Danish climate is uphill, the lack of sunny days affects your mood, but you begin to appreciate the quiet afternoons under the blanket, the gatherings of friends in the houses and that is what they call here 'hyggelig ' (something cozy).

Denmark is a country with many taxes and quite high (I was surprised when I received my first payroll) but in return, health is public and free, education too, and numerous benefits and social aid.

When I decided to get pregnant, everything was easy. And it is that in Denmark having children is encouraged and facilitated. For every child you have they give you a 'check-baby ' until they turn 18. And if you have trouble getting pregnant, health pays for the treatment you need. One thing that I liked and that I appreciated in his day is the 'barselshotel '. If your delivery went well and you are a new mother, they send you to the 'baby hotel '. As its name suggests, it is like a mini hotel where the parents have their room and can stay for a maximum of three days, and with the midwives' care 24 hours a day as needed. The cons, if you are not a first time and everything went well, at the time of giving birth they send you home.

What I did not expect when you are a new mom are the 'mødregruppe '. It is a group that organizes your commune, so that you meet other mothers in the same situation and close to where you live. Here you have the opportunity to share your doubts / experiences as a mother or do activities together (yoga for babies, swimming, etc).

When my little one was born, I had the opportunity to fully enjoy his first months of life. I was off 9 months and his father 3. Here the sick leave is for a shared year. And depending on where you work, your company will cover you for 3 to 6 months and then the municipality. And the return to work? Can work be reconciled with family life? Yes, no problems. I spoke with my boss and we agreed on my work schedule so that I could take or collect the little one from the guard. And the days that it has been bad (not many, luckily) I have the possibility of working from home.

Now, as in everything, there are also things that I have not gotten used to yet. The black bread that is consumed in incredible quantities, the climate so cold, the days so dark in winter and so bright in summer, and the most difficult language. Even they know it themselves, so when they see that you make the effort to learn and speak their language, they are happy and appreciate it.

Teresa Rubio

Mom in Denmark

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