Our children's fear of the dark

Our children's fear of the dark

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We have all been afraid of the dark or at least try to avoid it, if only for the reason that we may accidentally stumble or hit ourselves. The lack of visual references makes us quite upset, thinking about it may make us see more normally the common fact that our little ones are afraid of being somewhere in the dark. The fear of the dark is one of the most ancient and universal fears.

Darkness causes insecurity in all human beings, and in children it is one of the most widespread and longest-lasting fears. My little son, many times, does not want to get up to pee at night because he is afraid to do so, the journey from his bed to the bathroom is too much of a challenge for him, even his older brother, when he has to get up, He runs to get to the light switch as soon as possible.

As the child grows, he develops his imagination and is guided more by the instinct to avoid dangers, therefore, it is easier to imagine ghosts and terrifying images between the shadows and the chiaroscuro. To help our children cope with their fear of the dark, we can follow some considerations and promote games such as blind man or darkness:

- Above all, we must not belittle his fear of the dark or ridicule him for it by alluding to his cowardice. It is not cowardice, fear is an instinct that keeps us from many dangers.

- Our son needs all of our support and understanding, we must share with them experiences that scared us as children to empathize with their emotions (I was terrified of the long corridor in my house that had to be crossed when someone called the door).

- To alleviate your anguish we can put some reference guide lights at night (they are usually very low consumption), especially from your room to the bathroom, as well as avoid lights that cast suspicious shadows. Likewise, we must avoid that there are no objects that they can trip over.

- We can imagine how primitive men lived without light and drive around the house with a candle (especially when the power goes out throughout the block). Thus, in passing, they will learn the great value of energy, which is present in every aspect of our life.

- We can give you an explorer flashlight as a toy to learn to drive and enjoy the dark. In summer you can look for crickets or nocturnal insects, they will love it!

- We can play blindfold in which, blindfolded, they can learn to use other senses such as hearing and touch.

- Taking our children to the movies or the theater can help them understand that some environments require darkness in order to fully enjoy them.

- Bear in mind that the fear of the dark is part of the normal growth of our son and of his relationship with the world. Let's be understanding and accompany them in these moments of insecurity for them. We must embrace and guide them whenever they claim us.

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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