How a Venezuelan mother lives in Montreal

How a Venezuelan mother lives in Montreal

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My name is Cynthia and I am from Venezuela, although now I live in Montreal, a city where French is mostly spoken. I have worked as a journalist, chronicler, editor in different newspapers ... And recently I debuted in the wonderful world of motherhood. I also released country.

Here I tell you about my experience as a mother in a country so different from mine, and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of having emigrated here.

Coming from the tropics, like me, the first thing to adapt to and adapt to children is the cold. Here in winter the temperature can drop to -30 and so many degrees Celsius (and the thermal sensation can reach -40), apart from the fact that winter lasts a lot. So you must learn to wrap them up well, but without running out of hand, to arm yourself with patience so that they put everything on and do not take anything off on the street and invent all possible devices so that they do not throw off the gloves (an art that I haven't perfected yet).

Then there is the matter of language. French is spoken almost everywhere here, but you always want them to learn English too and not lose Spanish. Then you should concentrate on making them have access to the two official languages ​​and make an effort so that they do not lose yours.

For the rest, I think this is an ideal city to be a mother. It is a safe, quiet place with many recreational options for all budgets. Although finding childcare is challenging, in general the services for children work very well, there are plenty of parks for them to play in and the range of activities and cultural festivals is incredible. In addition, there is a very good attitude towards children, they are welcome in many places and many people help you on the street when you go with them.

I am very happy to have chosen Montreal as my destination city. I hope my baby grows up here happy and in three languages. And what I learn, I keep telling you on my blog.

Cynthia Rodriguez

Blog Mom in Montreal

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