10 tips for children to sleep well

10 tips for children to sleep well

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Sleep well it is one of the most important learnings of children. In the same way that they must learn to eat, walk, dress, bathe, etc., they must learn to sleep. From birth, good sleep is something they must learn little by little.

If your child is one of those who does not sleep well, stays up at night or cannot get to sleep, take into account this decalogue that he has prepared so that children fall asleep in the best possible way and also have happy dreams.

1. The environment. For children to sleep well it is important that they do so in a quiet and relaxing environment, with as little lighting as possible.

2. Routine. It is convenient to take the baby to the crib or put the children to bed at the same time every day. And to find out how many hours of sleep children need, depending on their age, you can follow our Sleep Time Table.

3. The ritual. So that children do not have difficulty falling asleep, a ritual can be created for it. Ideally, you should always follow her. For example: singing to the baby can be a ritual so that he understands that it is time to sleep. Telling a story to children, or giving them a massage, can also be very valid rituals.

4. feeding. It is advisable not to feed or drink your baby or child just before they fall asleep. Food and even liquids can make it difficult for children to sleep. Beverages with caffeine and even chocolate should be avoided before sleeping.

5. The activities. Before going to sleep, it is best for parents to propose quiet activities to their children. Moving games or any other moving activity can cause nervousness in children and they will complain that they cannot sleep.

6. The 'companions'. If your child is one of those who depends on a pacifier or a stuffed animal or scarf to sleep, it is important that when they wake up, they find them by their side. You will feel more secure.

7. Temperature. In addition to being quiet, the child's room should have a pleasant temperature, neither too cold nor too hot. Extreme temperatures can cause children to wake up at night.

8. The noises. Environmental noise should be minimal during children's nighttime sleep. During naps or during daytime sleep, it is advisable for the baby to learn to sleep with the usual noises in the house.

9. Fall asleep alone. It is important that the baby and children learn to fall asleep on their own, that is, without the help of parents. If they get used to sleeping next to us, when they wake up they will claim our presence.

10. Nighttime fears and awakenings. If the baby or child feels nightly fear after a nightmare, they will need support and reassurance. Parents need to be patient if they want to get their child to sleep again.

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