Types of infant enuresis

Types of infant enuresis

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Enuresis is the inability of the child to control nocturnal urination at an age when they should already control it. It is usually caused by immaturity in the bladder, by a deficit in a hormone and, in the least of the cases, by psychological reasons.

Considering the moment in which the child presents urinary incontinence, both the frequency and if it is accompanied by some other symptom, can determine different types of enuresis.

1- According to the moment or the presentation rhythm, it is called:

- Primary enuresis: When the child has never controlled urine. It is the most common case (80 percent of the cases).

- Secondary enuresis: When the child returns to bed wetting after a period of between three to six months of presenting a regular control. That is, when the child manages to control the toilet, but after a while, he no longer has control over his pee.

2- Depending on whether or not it is accompanied by other symptoms in the urinary tract, the following are distinguished:

- Mono symptomatic enuresis: The most common in clinical practice (90 percent of cases).

- Non-symptomatic enuresis: Accompanied by other disturbances in urine control, such as daytime incontinence or the feeling of immediate need to urinate (urination), etc.

3- According to its frequency:

- Continuous enuresis, when the child wets the bed every day.

- Intermittent enuresis, when the child wakes up dry some days, and wet the other days.

When taking the child to the specialist, it is very important to be clear about the frequency and rhythm with which the child pees. It is also convenient to provide data on the habits and customs of the child. This will help the urologist in his diagnosis.

At this time, if it is the case, shame or whatever should be put aside, to find a solution to the child's problem. That is the most important thing.

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