Goodbye to breastfeeding

Goodbye to breastfeeding

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The definitive abandonment of breastfeeding is a matter of great emotional weight for the mother and the baby. I don't know about you, but I have always been very saddened to definitely lose the close and close bond that we establish with our little sucker, not because I think I'm going to deprive him of something important to him, but because of a feeling of loss of feeling intimate and loving that establishes between us during lactation.

But, it is not really a loss, it is a change (one more of many in the development of the child of our motherhood) and we must be satisfied with what we have experienced up to this moment.

Whatever the moment, the definitive weaning should be a personal choice, although there are certain aspects that push us to do so, there is no scientifically defined deadline to end breastfeeding. Ideally, weaning occurs as an initiative of the mother or the baby, being aware of the benefits provided to the baby and the enjoyment of the enriching experience of breastfeeding.

Joining wills or yielding to the wishes of one of the two members is what the so-called voluntary weaning. Generally, the time of weaning comes at the initiative of the mother who will have to progressively establish a new way of feeding her child, and others are imposed or forced by the child who is losing interest and wants to put an end to breastfeeding, although her mother would not mind continuing it.

The mother may have various reasons for wanting definitive weaning: emotional, family pressures, social, or medical reasons, but in any case a gradual weaning is always preferable to a forced or abrupt one. When weaning is imposed by force majeure, before mother and child are prepared for the change, we must inform ourselves and take the appropriate measures so that adverse effects on the breasts (hard and sore breasts) or even mastitis caused by inflammation and subsequent infection due to the lack of drainage of the mammary ducts.

These physical disorders do not occur when we give our breasts time to progressively decrease the suction of our baby and from the emotional point of view it is also much easier for both the child and the mother.

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