Computer injuries to children

Computer injuries to children

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In modern times, it is inevitable that children use the computer. At first, they open the computer to play and draw. Then, to download a movie or music, and even to look for information that complements schoolwork.

In many homes, computer use has no limits for children, and that can cause them more than pain or discomfort.

Since computers invaded the homes and lives of children, injuries have grown in children, even those under five years of age. Due to the unbridled use of the mouse, there are young children who already have damage to their wrists, in addition to back pain caused by poor posture. Children who spend a long time in front of a computer also often have injuries such as blurred vision.

The smallest are the ones who bear the worst. In addition to carrying on the back and wrists, they also tend to trip over computer cables or suffer damage from a device falling on them. Among the devices that make up a computer, the monitor is the one that causes the most injuries. Computer-related injuries to children have increased sevenfold in the last thirteen years. This is the result of a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 93 percent of computer-related injuries occur at home. To prevent such injuries, experts suggest that parents monitor their children when they are using the computer. That limit the time of use, correct bad posture, and that keep the devices in a safe place and position.

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