Music and children. Interview with Inmaculada Balsells

Music and children. Interview with Inmaculada Balsells

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Inmaculada Balsells Sala, classical guitar soloist, creator of the Balsells method and teacher of Creative Classes, assures that it is not necessary to have a special talent to enjoy the instrument that the child has chosen because the ear can be educated. - How does learning music benefit children? Music provides children with physical, emotional and mental well-being. Learning music for children is always positive, especially if the right type of music is selected well for their age.

- How does music influence children's cognitive and emotional development?

On the one hand, it helps them to improve attention and overcome difficulties and, on the other, through creativity, music helps them to express their emotions and feelings. Musical learning helps children feel more free and realize that they have an ally, which is music, which adapts perfectly to their moods.

- To learn music, do you have to have an "ear" or a special talent or sensitivity?

To get started in music, all you need is to want to learn and enjoy. The ear can be educated, the sensitivity that each one has can be enhanced and nurtured, and the "special talent" is not necessary to enjoy the instrument that the child has chosen.

- Is music also learned by playing?

Yes, it is the best way to learn. With play, learning is more fun and knowledge is better assimilated

- What is the ideal age for a child to start playing an instrument?

From an early age, children can interact with percussion instruments, they can play the piano keys and, above all, they can interact with easy instruments and thus experiment with sounds. The ideal age to start playing depends on the instrument.

- What are the best instruments to start practicing at the beginning?

Percussion, harp and piano.

- Choosing an instrument for your child is often a dilemma for parents. How to get the child to choose one without being directed by adults?

It is best to let the child choose by affinity the instrument that he likes the most. For that, you should go to music schools where you can get acquainted with them. During the first years, they offer classes where they offer a variety of instruments and they can choose.

- From what age does music require study?

It depends on the path chosen by the student. I started guitar at school at the age of 12 and at the age of 13 I began my studies at the Barcelona Conservatory. From then on, I began to study steadily.

Marisol New.

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