The strength of the desire to be a mother

The strength of the desire to be a mother

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Marie is 32 years old and has an illness that forces her to be in a wheelchair. His bones are so fragile that any trip could cause very serious fractures all over his body. However, Marie had a dream: to be a mother. His wish was so strong that it came true.

There are diseases that make the possibility of having a child almost unviable. One of them is the illness that Marie suffers from. You suffer from osteogenesis imperfecta, better known as 'crystal bones'. During his first 30 years he suffered more than 200 fractures throughout his body. It could not grow more than 1.20 centimeters. After the death of her brother (he had the same disease as her and died at the age of 9), she decided to make a list of 'to-dos' that she would have to complete throughout her life. One of them: being a mother.

Marie's desire was stronger than the disease and both she and her husband decided to have a child through a surrogate. His son Mark (it was his brother's name) was born healthy, against all odds, and without inheriting the disease from his mother (he had a 50% chance of inheriting it).

Marie tries to help raise her son in whatever way she can. Still, he runs into myriad problems. For example, a simple diaper change becomes a risky sport for her. In one of these attempts, a rib was fractured.

Osteogenesis imperfecta is a hereditary disease caused by a genetic alteration of the bones. This disease causes bones to become weak and break very easily. It produces skeletal malformation, short stature, brittle teeth, deafness and respiratory problems.

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