How to teach children to overcome their fears

How to teach children to overcome their fears

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Many times we give up helping our children overcome their fears, either because they are still young and need time, or because they are deeply rooted fears in the child that are difficult to eradicate.

Being understanding and having patience with our child's fears is essential, but we must also try to overcome the fears that may be a limitation or impediment in the long run.

Most childhood fears end up disappearing with maturity, but there are others that remain into adulthood to a greater or lesser degree. I still remember that once while driving with my father, the vehicle skid dangerously because of an ice sheet that was on the dark road, we saw our lives in danger and we were affected by the fact. The next day my father took the car and went back to the bend where we almost fell down the ravine. Why did he do such a thing? My father said: 'I have returned so as not to be afraid of the car and to know that this time I am in control of the situation.' I will never forget it.

A bad experience can cause our son not to want to do something with which he previously enjoyed. A friend told me that her daughter practiced horse riding when she was four years old and she loved it, she already showed some dexterity on horseback when at the end of the course she fell. They decided not to renew the registration so that their daughter could overcome her fear, since from then on the little girl did not want to ride a horse again. Now that he is 12 years old, he had the opportunity to find his riding boots and helmet in the storage room and asked his parents why they had not insisted to continue with the horses, how to get it right then!

Parenting is not easy. It is essential that we respect the decision our child has made, but decisions should not be based on fear, although it is not easy to know to what extent we should insist or force our children to do things they fear. Perhaps the solution lies in our understanding, our patience and our company or the help of an adult to overcome these fears that circumstances and chance have put in the way.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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