Amblyopia or lazy eye in childhood

Amblyopia or lazy eye in childhood

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The amblyopic child is one who has an eye with which he cannot see correctly, that is, he does not see objects or letters clearly. Amblyopia is colloquially known as lazy eye.

In We will tell you how it can be detected in children that there is a lazy eye, since it does not seem easy for children to express that they see something blurred when they have always had a graduation.

What is the treatment for lazy eye? How to correct this vision disorder? On our site you will find answers to this and other questions about childhood amblyopia

Patch or vision therapy? Optometry opts for a different treatment than ophthalmology for amblyopia. Optometrists believe that it is preferable not to cover the eye with a patch and focus their treatment with exercises and contact lenses.

Children with amblyopia. Amblyopia is commonly known as a lazy eye. It is an eye that cannot see one hundred percent, that is, it cannot distinguish those objects or smaller letters.

Causes and symptoms of amblyopia. Amblyopia: also known as lazy eye or lazy eye, it is the partial loss of vision, to a greater or lesser degree, in one or both eyes, caused by a defect in the formation of vision during childhood. About 2.5 percent of the world's population suffers from this problem.

Treatment for amblyopia. Amblyopia that is diagnosed before the age of 6, in general, can be treated successfully. At 8 years of age, only 20 percent of cases achieve a satisfactory result. From this age, the solution to the problem, that is, the response to treatment is almost nil.

Lazy eye causes school failure. Amblyopia or 'lazy eye' in children can cause school failure if it is not corrected and treated in time. The reason, that 80% of children's learning is acquired through sight. That is why it is very important to detect the symptoms of this disorder early and find a solution.

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