Advice from parents to their children at the door of school

Advice from parents to their children at the door of school

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Back to school will have pushed a lot of kids out of bed this week. Many families wake up earlier and, as always happens at the beginning of the children's school year, in a lot of haste and stress. When I wake up these days, my daughter is already dressed, and ready for breakfast. At the door of his school, I advised him to have a good day, to enjoy and little else. While I waited for her to come in, the comments of other parents reminded me that in previous years, I had loaded her with advice and recommendations. After all, that's how parents are.

If you stop to observe the other parents and their children at the doors of schools, schools or nurseries, you listen and see everything. Very young children crying, resisting to stay or to let go of the hands or legs of their father or mother, others trying to "be older" so as not to disappoint their parents, and many parents with the expression on their faces visibly tense , trying to repress fears, crying, and insecurity so as not to pass them on to their little ones, and encouraging them to start school normally.

To convince the little ones to leave more quickly, some parents agree to give them a treat, be it a treat, a toy, a movie, or even a walk.

Like children, we parents are also unique in our way of educating. However, at the door of the school, the advice coincides and is repeated: that the child does not cry, that he behaves well, that he eat everything, that he does not hit and do not harm the other classmates, that he take care of the school supplies, that do not stain, everything will be fine, ufff ... endless recommendations!

Later, without children, and when possible, some parents often meet with other parents to share their concerns, their concerns and comment on how their child has behaved. Some presume that their little one has not cried and that he entered school happily, others complain, grieve and blame each other. There are also grandparents and grandmothers who have to take their grandson or granddaughter to school. With them, the farewell is short, the children do not usually say anything, nor do they. They are limited to a kiss, period.

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