Massages in pregnancy

Massages in pregnancy

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As her baby grows in her womb, the pregnant woman will notice changes in her body that, sooner or later, may affect her back, legs and feet.

To prevent the pregnant woman from suffering with bloating, circulatory problems, cramps, insomnia, headache and other discomfort, it is advisable that she sign up for some massage sessions or ask her partner to do so. The benefits of massage during pregnancy are positive not only for the mother but also for the baby.

The well-being, relaxation and tranquility experienced by the mother end up being transmitted to the baby within. Prenatal massage in pregnant women is positive for a few reasons:

1- Helps the woman to relax physically and emotionally.

2- Stimulates the woman's sleep, avoiding insomnia. The woman will sleep better.

3- It stimulates the glandular system of the woman stabilizing the hormones.

4- Avoid anxiety and depression

5- It helps to balance the emotions of the woman.

6- Stimulates circulation.

7- Relieves muscle aches.

8- Maintains the elasticity and flexibility of the woman's body.

9- It makes the woman feel more agile and light.

10- Relieves pressure on the back, neck and joints due to weight gain.

11- Eliminates fluids and toxins, fighting fatigue.

12- Reduces the risk of stretch marks.

13- Prevents swelling, cramps, etc.

14- Releases tension and stress.

Before taking a massage, it is recommended that the pregnant woman consult her doctor. Only he will be able to give you the green signal for the massage and indicate what type of massage is most recommended, and in which areas of the body it can be applied. Normally, massage in the lower back and abdomen are the most discouraged. The most indicated massages are those that are applied without deep pressure or blows, to the face, hands, arms, ankle bones, sole of the feet, and mainly after the first three months of pregnancy have passed.

It would be interesting for the woman's partner to get involved during the massage and to use creams and oils with scents that please the woman. In massages for pregnant women techniques such as reflexology, Shiatsu, and others are included. Prenatal massage can be daily and last between 10 to 60 minutes. It should be done in a calm and relaxed environment, and if possible accompanied by soft music and good smells.

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