How to choose a stroller for twin babies

How to choose a stroller for twin babies

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The decision to choose your baby's stroller is always complicated and more so in the event that you are expecting twins. Luckily, you have plenty of time to prepare, meet your needs, and evaluate what each twin stroller can offer you. It will take a long time to choose the stroller for your twins, but we want to help you with some useful tips.

- Probably the most important decision is if you want a stroller online or in parallel. In an online stroller your babies go one in front of the other or opposite each other, while in the parallel stroller your babies are closer together. The decision will depend on how you want the babies to interact with each other, but you also have to bear in mind that an online stroller is narrower and therefore you will not have as many accessibility problems. For their part, parallel strollers are usually lighter and more manageable.

- Twin strollers are more complicated than a single stroller, so they may not have all the features or accessories you need. Assess your needs and your Lifestyle. If you are going to use the carrycot a lot or if your trips are going to be usually by car, in which case you will need a group 0 that not all twin carriages have.

- A very important element to take into account in a stroller for twin babies are the wheels. The weight that the stroller carries is multiplied by two, so you can choose an all-terrain stroller or one with lighter wheels if you don't usually leave the city. In this sense, it is very important that you look at the durability of the stroller's materials, since there are two babies that are going to go in it.

- As with choosing an individual stroller, it is best to do measurements before going to the store. Measure the place you have to store it at home, the elevator, the trunk and observe all the entrances to your house, the portal, the park, etc. Once in the store, check that the cart you like fits what you need and do not hesitate to try it in the store for as long as you need. Check its weight, its ease of folding it and how comfortable it is to change the different accessories.

- The debate economic When choosing the stroller for your twins, it is not that it is important, it is that it is necessary. Within the budget you can count on, don't skimp on the stroller money. The most expensive is not always the best, but the stroller is something that you will use for a long time and on which the safety of your babies will depend, so don't look for bargains either. Find the stroller that meets the most needs for you.

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