Solutions for children's protruding ears

Solutions for children's protruding ears

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Have the puff ears It is a physical trait that does not indicate any health problem, but that can cause some negative consequences in the development of the child's personality, so we try to find some solutions to this physical trait.

In some cases the newborn baby already has evidence of excessively separated ears, but in other cases it is appreciated as it grows. These are the puff ears, the spread ears or ears in handle.

An unfolded or protruding ear is considered to be the one that is distanced from the head more than 2 centimeters. It should be emphasized that it is not a health problem, since it does not affect the child's hearing, but it can be an aesthetic problem. Self-esteem can be impaired if proper steps are not taken to reinforce the child's safety.

And it is that we have all been witnesses or participants in the teasing of classmates towards children with puff ears who are frequently nicknamed as 'Dumbo'. This can seriously affect social relationships in childhood, make the child more shy or even have school performance problems.

Of course there are children who get over childhood without great consequences despite their aesthetic particularity with the ears of puff. They are children who have been taught from an early age that the value of people is inside and who have been taught to enhance their self-esteem by highlighting the thousand qualities they possess.

But since not in all cases we can make the child feel safe and without complexes due to their physical characteristics, we can also look for some solution to the ears of puff.

- Surgery. The most drastic but effective option is cosmetic surgery. The otoplasty corrects protruding ears and it is advisable to wait until 6 or 7 years when the ears are fully formed. Although it is an option to consider for the most serious cases of complex children, we must also consider the risks of any cosmetic operation.

- Aesthetic corrector. In the market there are cosmetic correctors Intended for children with protruding ears that consist of a silicone prosthesis placed behind the ear producing an optical effect of ears more harmonized with the face.

- Auri method. This method is the equivalent of braces or dental correctors for aesthetic problems of the ears and the treatment lasts between 3 and 6 months.

- Haircut. Depending on the age of the child and also on their aesthetic tastes, the haircut can conceal a lot of puff ears. With hair a little longer than usual, you can get the spread ears go almost unnoticed.

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