The woman's dream during pregnancy

The woman's dream during pregnancy

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During pregnancy the body undergoes a series of changes, some more obvious than others. The dream also transforms as the pregnancy progresses and there are many women who affirm that dream more than before and that those dreams are more vivid, more real.

Some pregnancies even speak of distressingnightmares that become more frequent in late pregnancy. And we wonder the reason for those nightmares or intense dreams.

Logically,hormonal changes They play a decisive role in the quality of a pregnant woman's sleep, but there are other reasons.

Dreaming more during pregnancy is relative. If you are pregnant, you may have the feeling that you dream more frequently and that your dreams are more real than before. But the truth is that all people, pregnant or not, have the same number of dreams at night. Another thing is that they remember them. The question would be why do pregnant women remember more dreams and that is something that common sense can answer.

When we remember a dream we do so because we wake up immediately after having the dream. The sleep cycle of a pregnant woman is seen frequently interrupted and more the more advanced the pregnancy is. The causes of these sleep interruptions are purely physical, such as the need to go to the bathroom or the change in posture caused by muscle pain.

With this in mind, a pregnant woman does not dream more than before, but rather remember more dreams than before. What does happen is that dreams are more real. In any case, it should be borne in mind that most dreams are caused by our most pressing concerns, so we should not look for premonitions or far-fetched interpretations in the dreams of pregnant women.

Generally, pregnant women go to bed worried about aspects such as the development of the pregnancy, about health issues or about the fear to the changes that occur month by month. In the final stretch of pregnancy, the main concerns are the well-being of the baby and the capacities as mothers, if they will know how to do it well and if they will be able to give their baby everything he needs. Childbirth and its entire process is another of the most frequent reasons for concern.

And all these concerns are reflected in the form of dream experiences that can turn out to be a nightmare. Dreaming of animals, water, babies or a partner are the most frequent themes of dreams of pregnant women, all of them related to the well-being of the baby, their role as caregiver, their role in the couple or the special connection that will have thereafter with your baby.

Laura Velez. Contributor to our site

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