The father in pregnancy

The father in pregnancy

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It may seem that the role of the father during pregnancy is non-existent, since the physical changes are experienced by the woman. Pregnancy progresses regardless of whether the father is present or not, so in some cases they may feel excluded from the entire pregnancy process. However, the father is increasingly involved in the pregnancy since his role as support, support and help of the pregnant woman is fundamental.

Parents do not experience nausea, vomiting or dizziness, they do not suffer from sensitivity in their breasts when they grow, they do not notice the itching of the skin when giving way and stretching while the belly grows, nor do they feel the first kicks of the baby or the hiccups that they suffer many times in the womb. However, the role of the father is no longer a mere spectator, and involvement in pregnancy is necessary both to support the woman and to adapt to the feeling of being a father.

There is certainly a whole list of things that parents can do during pregnancy to integrate into the process:

- Implication: attending prenatal consultations will provide them with more information and help to solve any possible doubts they may have. In addition, in the first medical visit it will be important that the gynecologist who takes care of your case, knows the father's family medical history. In these queries the father you will see your baby for the first time, thanks to the ultrasound scans of the different trimesters of pregnancy, a long-awaited and positive experience that should be experienced in the first person.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the mother can go to the maternity education classes. It is also convenient for the father to attend, since a part of them is dedicated to the moment of delivery and how the father can help the woman during the breaths. Even the midwife will give the parents some guidelines so that they can partially relieve their partner's pain with some massages in the lower back.

Preparing the baby's room, buying the clothes or items necessary for when it is born, is another of the tasks that will help the father to get involved in the entire pregnancy process. There is so much work to do that the mother will benefit from this help from her partner.

- Find information: Moms often look for information about their pregnancy on the Internet, they buy magazines, books ... Why does not the father go to collect information in the same way? It is not only important to know the whole process of pregnancy but also to know the different aspects and care of a baby in order to give it the best possible care when it is born.

- Help the pregnant womanIf the mother smokes, drinks alcohol from time to time or does not have the correct eating habits, the father is the best person to guide her and help her to lead a healthy life. You can walk with her, as the pregnant woman has to walk every day or encourage her to exercise.

In addition, pregnant women often have fears and doubts about the proper development of the baby. The father can play a very important role in transferring calm and tranquility to the woman.

At the moment in which the contractions are triggered, the pregnant woman will be more aware of the pain that she may feel than of measuring the contractions. The Dad can keep track of the intervals between contractions to know when to go to the hospital, to be aware of the papers that must be taken to the clinic and not to forget them and of the maternity suitcase.

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