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21 tips Santa wants every kid to hear at Christmas

21 tips Santa wants every kid to hear at Christmas

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Santa Claus is ready to distribute gifts, magic and dreams this Christmas. And it is that, the most awaited time for children and those who are not so small, is just around the corner. What we have come to tell you today is the message that Santa Claus wants to convey to all families in the world. Here you have 21 tips from Santa to count to children at Christmas, transmit them to your children, you will see that their faces are full of illusion!

Christmas is one of the most special times of the year, the streets are filled with lights, the homes overflow with good intentions and in the hearts of the smallest of the house you can see an illusion that is priceless. This time we have spoken with Santa Claus and all his helpers: reindeer, goblins and elves for some advice, do you want to see what they have told us? Here it is!

This year Christmas is going to have the meaning it really deserves.

1. Christmas is days for live with family and enjoy each other. This is the first advice that Santa Claus has given us, he has also told us that it is the most important so we must always keep it in mind.

2. Ask for gifts for yourself, your family, and other children. Santa has explained to us that it is necessary for us to send gifts to children who live in difficult situations, so if he asks us for help, we cannot say no!

3. Santa Claus has told us (verbatim words): 'I love to see the ornaments of the housesAbove all, I do know that the children have helped to put them on '. This Christmas decorate the tree as a family, Santa will notice it and he will be very happy.

4. Do not be nervous about gifts, Christmas is about spending time with the family, the rest of things take a back seat.

5. On the night of December 24, Santa asks us that we go to sleep soonThis will give you a little more time to put the gifts under the tree or next to the socks.

6. And speaking of socks ... He told us that the ones he likes the most are colored ones, don't be surprised if he leaves you a note saying that he has tried it on.

7. Another of his advice (this one is very funny) is that we leave him one or two cookies and some water. He says that if we put a lot of sweets on his plate at the end he eats them all and gets sleepy. You have no time to waste! Also, we do not want Old Man Pascuero to get even chubbier and endanger his health. The health of Santa Claus and his tummy is discussed in the article published in CMAJ 'Jolly, fit and fat: Should we be singing the' Santa too fat blues? '. Could it be that we are leaving too many cookies under the tree for Santa Claus and that is making him fat?

8. How about making a Christmas craft to put on the table for Santa to see? The elves have told us they love them ...

9. This year he says he is going to leave us a good handful of magic inside one of the socks, his advice is that we use it when we see that someone is sad. They are invisible powders, so you will have to save them on a white paper to keep them well.

10. Never stop believing in Christmas, magic, reindeer and elves and, of course, never stop believing that dreams come true. Santa Claus will be by our side to help us reach them.

11. It is at Christmas when we realize that hope is a very important value, keep it in your heart throughout the year.

12. At these parties prepare decorations, sweets and also time to do or not do anything with the beings you love the most.

13. Another piece of advice Santa has given us that is well worth following is this: 'don't waste time looking at your mobile or tablet, there are much more beautiful things to see off-screen. ' Now that we think about it, this advice is surely aimed more at parents than children. Be that as it may, we will listen to you!

14. Don't forget to celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas, joy and love.

15. Say from the heart the words 'I love you' each and every one of the 365 days that the year lasts, only then will you make the magic of Christmas last beyond these holidays.

16. Love, solidarity, hope, illusion and friendship are ingredients for a life full of happiness.

17. Santa loves to drink a glass of milk at night, remember to put inside his a big smile and lots of good intentions.

18. Never ever say 'I won't make it'.

19. Decorate the house with colored lights and also with children's smiles.

20. Christmas would not be the same without the illusion drawn on the faces of the little ones.

21. Choose your favorite christmas word, write it on a piece of paper and put it on the wall of your room so you don't forget it throughout the year. Santa says his favorite word is happiness, and yours?

Ho Ho Ho! It is not long before Santa Claus makes a visit to every home in the world. This year, it seems like he has more work than ever, so will need a little help from everyone so that everything is ready arrived on December 24th. How can we prepare for their arrival with the children with great enthusiasm? Here are some tips!

- Prepare the decorations with enough time to avoid stress, it is not necessary that everything is perfect, Santa is much more excited to see that the little ones have participated in the Christmas decoration.

- The smile of the smallest of the house can not be missing, neither magic nor illusion. Remember to prepare with the little ones the list of good resolutions for the new year. You can, for example, include things like: spend time with children, smile more and scold less, ask before judging, help my children express their feelings, put aside (at least a little bit) the rush ... I'm sure you can think of a lot more wonderful purposes to add to the list. Try to do your best to achieve them!

- Another thing that we must prepare with the children for the arrival of Santa is the letter of wishes. Do it with your children and show them that Christmas is not about asking for the more things the better, but to value what he has left us under the tree and share it with others. Also tell them that if Santa leaves many gifts for them, he will have fewer toys to give to the other children. We encourage you to ask your children to write the letter themselves, because that way they will be more aware of what they are asking for.

- Things like spending quality time with the family, going on a Saturday afternoon to the theater or going on a field trip are also wishes that can be put on Santa's list. What are they great at?

Santa is ready to spread magic and illusion at Christmas, do we prepare ourselves too and follow his advice? Merry Christmas!

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