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Gaspar's name. Origin and meaning

Gaspar's name. Origin and meaning

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With emotions running high for the arrival of Christmas, we can be inspired by this special time to choose the name of the baby. The names of the Three Kings who came from the East to the Bethlehem portal are a good bet in children's names. We look at the Gaspar name because it can be the ideal name for the baby!

Babies born in winter need names that are warm and strong, so we can look at Christmas names for boys and girls. Is your baby going to be a boy? Well then we can search among the three Wise Men, to see which of them best suits. What do you think of Gaspar? It is a precious name of Persian origin that means 'the one who manages the treasure', although the real treasure is logically your baby.

Surely you want to know more about him Gaspar name. It is logical, choosing the name of the baby is a serious matter, since it will accompany him for the rest of his life. And you can be calm if you choose the name of this Magician King, because your child will always walk accompanied by a bright star.

Although the name comes from Persia, it has spread throughout the world. Thus, we find some variants that we like as much or more than our Gaspar. The Germanic languages ​​use Kasper, as does the Slavic world. And in English? Isn't Jasper a name with a modern and original touch?

Indeed, the name of your baby is the most original, although it is not considered a rare name. It is a traditional name and with great force, which always brings an extra personality to the person who wears it. And your baby is not going to be the only one named Gaspar; Maybe in his class yes, what luck! But we all know public figures with the name Gaspar. We don't want to influence you either, so we're not going to mention anyone.

Gaspar is inevitably linked to religious tradition and Christmas. Together with Melchior and Baltasar (names that are also interesting for children) they went to the Bethlehem portal a few days after the birth of Jesus. The three Wise Men, or the three wise men, represented different parts of the world and arrived laden with gifts.

Although there are different traditions about the gifts and the origin of each Wise King, the most accepted is that Gaspar came from Asia, was a wise man of middle age and gave the baby Jesus incense. Why incense? To highlight the divine character of that baby who was born in Bethlehem. Why incense was the means of communication with the gods, because its smoke rises to the sky to establish contact between the human world and the divine world.

So it seems that Gaspar is a very spiritual name, perhaps also a name that facilitates communication and that brings a touch of emotional balance so necessary in our days. Gaspar is also a name that inspires affection and trust, honesty and elegance. Isn't it the ideal name for your baby?

And above all, Gaspar is a Christmas name that transmits joy and enthusiasm, that invites you to dream, to fulfill wishes, or goals or purposes. What better gift for your child than the name of Gaspar!

Gaspar is one of those traditional names that we immediately associate with Christmas because the first one we met with this so-called was one of the Three Kings. As expected, he celebrates his birthday on January 6, so the baby should have a double portion of gifts on his most special day.

But wait, because in addition to January 6, the saints offer other designated dates to celebrate Gaspar's name day. You can write down on the calendar.

  • June 12 is Saint Gaspar Bertoni.
  • July 14 is the birthday of Blessed Gaspar de Bono.
  • September 26 is the day of Blessed Gaspar Stanggassinger.
  • On December 28, San Gaspar del Búfalo is celebrated.

May we never lack dates to celebrate and share special moments with our children.

Did you know that 8 is the digit that will rule the lives of children named like that? And we don't say it, numerology says it! It is a science that establishes a relationship between mystical forces, living beings and numbers. In this way, parents can know the personality of our son through his name. Let's see what this science says about Gaspar and his number, 8!

The good
You will lack hands to take care of him! And it is that children with number 8 are pure nerve. They are very active and on the go all the time, and they don't know what the word boredom is. Some plan is always brewing in his little head. As you can imagine, this characteristic makes them very sociable and they do not lack companions to sign up for their crazy occurrences.

The bad
It will take a lot for them to focus and focus on just one thing. They like to learn, but the problem is that they are unable to finish what they start, but you will be there to give them a hand and to help them in everything they need.

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