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Why am I not letting my son use the fashion social network Tik Tok

Why am I not letting my son use the fashion social network Tik Tok

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If your son or daughter asks you if the Tik Tok app can be downloaded, what would you say? I start from the assumption that your child is small, because if he has already reached adolescence and has his own mobile, it is likely that he will not ask you about this or that application. The fact is that my little one is 7 years old and, from what I have heard, there are already some children in his class who have a profile created on the fashion social network Tik Tok. I, as a mother, will not let my son use it, At least for now, I'll tell you why right away.

As I was telling you, the other day while I was waiting for my son to leave school, I heard a group of mothers talk about the Tik Tok app so, how could it be otherwise, I stuck my ear together to see what that was about Tik Tok and the tiktokers.

From what I heard it is an application for young people that is based in 15 second music videos, rather of the reproduction of said videos in loop; the issue that those moms had in their hands was whether they should let their children use it. As the saying goes: 'when the river sounds water it carries', if my son's classmates have been interested in this application, mine would not take long to do so. So I, as a cautious mother, decided to do some more research. This is what I found out.

According to official data, the Tik Tok application currently has 500 million users, a number that is only growing. The content, as you already know, are short 15-second videos in which super popular songs are lip-synched. It is not surprising that this powerful theme ravages boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 16.

The next thing I found out is that, just like those who upload videos to YouTube are called youtubers, those who do the same on Tik Tok they call themselves tiktokers.

According to the young people themselves, here is the following finding from my research: the popular social network is used for fun and, according to teenagers: 'we don't dedicate more than half an hour or an hour a day to it because, since we have to study ... . '.

I have also discovered that the creators of Tik Tok have crafted an exclusive content portal for the youngest in which the messaging option between them is disabled and any content deemed inappropriate for children under 13 years of age is blocked.

Great, then we have an application that is based on music, dancing and having fun, and above all there is no limit because children and adolescents already know that they only have to use it for a little while a day. Yes, this was the first thing I thought, but as is always the case in the Internet world, all that glitters is not gold.

Well, I'm not going to let him use it, at least for now (you know that one cannot always deny these things), because he is 7 years old and has to play with things his age. I think it's great that you listen to music but not that you watch the short videos that the app offers. When he grows up a bit, if he still wants to be one more user of the social network, I will say yes if we agree that just watch videos and don't upload them. Why? You will ask yourself. Well, for the last data that I discovered in my research.

According to an educator, the fact that young children upload their own videos leads to an over-exposure of their image. In addition, as they still do not have a well-formed self-esteem due to their young age, they are not prepared to see, for example, that their music video has hardly received likes, this can cause them to worry excessively and that begin to see as negative what used to be pure fun.

The key, according to the educator in the article I read, is to try to supervise (without invading their privacy) what children see and upload to the social network and to set limits to something that cannot effectively be prohibited. I, as a mother, with the permission of the experts, add another rule: avoid use at a young age of any application that goes beyond educational ones.

You should also know that Tik Tok has the functionality of establishing a parental control that synchronizes the accounts of the child and the father or mother.

What do you think of the social network Tik Tok? Would you download it on your mobile to let your children use it?

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