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Pedro and the fear of flying. A short story to help children overcome their fears

Pedro and the fear of flying. A short story to help children overcome their fears

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All children (and adults) are afraid, since this is one of the basic emotions that we must learn to understand and manage. A fun way to do this is through children's stories that show children that they can overcome their fears. It is the case of this short story entitled 'Pedro and his fear of flying'. This story also introduces children to the idea of ​​going to a psychologist to help us deal with our problems.

Following this story you will find some educational and fun activities based on the story and many other stories that also talk about childhood fears.

Pedro had always been afraid to fly by plane. The last time he knew he had to, he had been unable to sleep for several days and, a few hours before, he began with palpitations and sweats and decided to cancel the trip. The problem was that due to his job he was forced to do it from time to time and, if he did not want to lose it, he could not continue to make excuses in his company.

One morning when he was calm working on his computer they called him on the phone; he had to go to the address at once. Pedro's heart skipped a beat because he knew what that meant; should fly again.

- To Oslo? - He said turning very pale.

He left there crestfallen knowing that this time he would not be worth the excuses and, just thinking that he had to fly and spend more than three hours locked inside the plane, his stomach fell without being able to avoid it.

Two weeks before, he told his friend.

Why don't you seek professional help? You can't go on like this - he said.

The next day Pedro decided to visit a psychologist for the first time to help him overcome his fear.

After the talks, exercises and recommendations of his doctor, and based on visualizing himself inside the plane, he began to fall asleep better.

He paid attention to all the things the psychologist told him: he began to exercise, to go to the movies, to go out with friends more, to occupy his free time with fun things, and he began to paint; hobby that he had always put aside due to lack of time.

When the appointed date arrived, Peter flew to Oslo, did his job, and was able to return; he only felt a pinch in his stomach.

If they liked this story, you can propose to the children some exercises to work on certain skills and lessons learned in class. Below we propose some reading comprehension activities, but also some language exercises and other questions that will invite the children to reflect.

1. Reading comprehension activity for children
We start this small compilation of activities from the story you have read with some questions. They will help you know if your child has gotten the message of the story. Just as it is important to understand the words that are written, it is important to know what the text is talking about in a more general way. What was Pedro afraid of?

  • How did the protagonist of this story feel when he had to get on a plane?
  • Do you remember the name of the city to which I had to travel? Do you know which country it is the capital of?
  • What did your friend recommend you do?
  • What advice did the psychologist give you to help you overcome your fear?
  • Was Pedro afraid again?

2. The word detective game
Do you dare to play the word detective challenge? We suggest you take your magnifying glass and transform yourself into Sherlock Holmes to find all these words in the text.

  • Three adjectives. Do you know what is its diminutive and its augmentative?
  • Two verbs in the simple past perfect of the indicative mood. Can you conjugate it in the past perfect indicative compound?
  • Three plural nouns. What would they be like if they were in the singular?
  • Two concrete names. Can you think of an example of an abstract name?

3. Questions to reflect on childhood fears
In addition to working on everything that we have mentioned above, this story can be the perfect excuse to propose to your children a talk to reflect. To guide this conversation, we propose the following questions.

  • What is fear?
  • What were you afraid of before?
  • How did you manage to overcome this fear?
  • Do you know what psychologists do? Do you know how they help us?

And, to continue helping children overcome their fears, here are some other stories on this topic. As you can see, they address different types of fears such as fear of the dark or fear of the storm. Read them together with your children so that they realize that they can overcome their fears, because they are very brave!

- Juan without fear
This tale is a classic of the Grimm Brothers that you probably read as a child too. It tells the story of a boy named Juan who was not afraid of anything. Will you know what it feels like to be scared? Share the reading of this story with your children and find out.

- Friends of the night
Fear of the dark is very common among children, especially when they go to bed. To help all the little ones who fear the moment to turn off the light, in we have this curious story entitled 'The friends of the night'.

- Storm
How scary storms with so much thunder and lightning can sometimes be! The kittens protagonists of this story also have a very hard time when it rains with great intensity. However, they learn to overcome their fear, just as your children can.

- A problem with the blood
Are your children afraid of blood? This story can inspire them to end this fear that even repeats itself in many adults. The protagonist of this story is Ainara who, although she had always wanted to be a doctor, was terribly disgusted to see blood. How will you end this fear? Find out!

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