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6 lessons and learnings that mobile phones are inhibiting in children

6 lessons and learnings that mobile phones are inhibiting in children

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New technologies are here to stay. In our lives and also in those of our children. We cannot look the other way and 'marginalize' them by trying to make them the only children who do not have a tablet, a mobile phone or a video game console at a certain age. But what we cannot allow is that children spend so much time in front of a screen that they stop doing and learning other essential things. We share with you the 6 teachings, skills and abilities that mobile phones and other screens are inhibiting in children.

We could say that nowadays children are beginning each time at an earlier age in the use of new technologies. We could also tell you that the World Health Organization (WHO) advises in its report 'Guidelines on physical activity, sedentary behavior and sleep':

- Do not expose children up to one and two years old to screens of any kind.

- One hour for children from three and four years old.

- We could also tell you that the screens of mobile phones, tablets, computers and game consoles should never be used by a small child without adult supervision. But, you already know all this well enough, right?

This time we are going to do something that will be of great help to us to think and reflect, we are going to detail the things that children and adolescents are not doing by spending so much time on these technologies. Ordering and naming the learning, skills, abilities and habits that our children are leaving aside will be of great help to us to begin to change. You sign up?

If we talk about the things that boys and girls stop doing when using screens, we have to talk about ...

1. Imaginary friend
Do you remember when you were a little girl and you played with your imaginary friend? Do your children have an imaginary friend? It may or may have been what many children have done and traded it for a computer game.

2. Communication
How many times have you said something to your children while they were watching television without listening to you? And to be completely honest, how many times a day do your children have to compete with your mobile? Yes, you are right, communication between parents and children is also affected by the continuous use of the screens.

3. Books and stories
No, we are not wrong. Books, stories and all the things we can learn from them are another thing that is taking a back seat due to the daily use of new technologies. You do not believe it? Tell me something, when your children have to find information to do a class assignment, what medium do they use? Internet or a book?

4. Lifetime games
Young people increasingly communicate with their friends through a screen, so much so that almost all video consoles can be played online. Where then are the games of a lifetime? The rope, the pilla-pilla, the hiding place ... They should not be relegated to a patio time, they should be part of your children's afternoons, believe me, they will be their best memories when they grow up.

5. The goodnight kiss
And when I say 'goodnight kiss' I also mean the small talk that exists between parents and their children just before going to sleep and that increasingly falls into oblivion because of' I'm going to save the game, it's not going to be let me get lost. '

6. The much needed physical exercise
Many times parents have so many things to do in our day to day that we make the mistake of letting a screen take care of our children instead of going out to play sports with them. Do like me and try to have some physical exercise as a family at least on the weekend.

Let's go back to the beginning of the article where we said that new technologies are here to stay. How then can we ensure that they do not destroy valuable things in the childhood of our children? If it seems like an impossible mission, wait to see these simple tips.

- Teach by example. No looking at the mobile while we tell the children to read a story.

- The mobile is not to take to school. No, nothing of that, recess is to play and talk with colleagues.

- The tablet and the game console is to play only one hour on the weekend. Remember that children should have toys according to their age, do not make the mistake of letting them have a mobile or tablet at an early age.

- Playing with mom and dad is fun too. Do you also get the impression that you barely have a while at the end of the day to play with your children? Better not waste it because of the screens, don't you think?

- There is life beyond a screen. You can, and should, look for information in a book. You can, and should, read a story every night and you can, and should, talk with your loved ones about how your day has gone. It is the magic formula for happiness!

Screens and new technologies may change the way we see the world but never allow them to spoil communication with your children.

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