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Saint Pedro Nolasco Day, January 29. Names for boy

Saint Pedro Nolasco Day, January 29. Names for boy

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Pedro is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'stone', 'rock' and even 'foundations'. Its meaning speaks of a strong and charismatic child, so it is ideal for your child. It is also a name that has not lost its validity over the years and is still considered frequent. Pedro celebrates his birthday on very different days, but January 29 is the day of San Pedro Nolasco.

The name Pedro implies an extremely sensitive and emotional personality. Pedro is affectionate, loyal and very committed to his family, so he is not afraid of taking on responsibilities in his family environment. He has a great capacity for work and his tenacity and determination lead him to achieve everything he sets out to do. A bit introverted, sometimes it takes a bit to get inside.

Because Pedro is a very frequent name since ancient times, we find multiple variants in different languages. We know well the French Pierre and the English Peter or his diminutive Pete, the Italian Pietro or Piero and the Russian Piotr and more familiar we still have the Catalan Pere and the Basque forms of Peio or Peru, all of them very interesting and that can fit perfection with your child.

Surely it won't take you long to link a few well-known characters with your child's name. Without a doubt, the one who has carried his name highest has been the Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque, although the cult filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar has made him popular all over the world. Of a more intellectual character we find the French Hispanic historian Pierre Vidal.

AND in fiction there are also representatives of the name Pedro, from Heidi's shepherd friend to Pedro Flintstone. But the Pedro who brings us the best memories is Peter Pan, that boy who never grows up and who lives in the Never Land, whom we have envied so much.

On January 29, Pedro Nolasco is celebrated, who was a religious from Barcelona (although some historians place his birthplace in the French region of Aquitaine), founder of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy.

But throughout the year, there are other dates on the calendar where you can find the celebration of a Pedro. Here we highlight the most popular and well-known ones!

  • February 21, San Pedro Damián
  • April 27, San Pedro Armengol
  • April 28, San Pedro Chanel
  • May 19, San Pedro Celestino
  • June 2, San Marcelino and San Pedro
  • June 29, Saint Peter the Apostle
  • August 1, San Pedro Fabro
  • September 9, San Pedro Claver
  • October 19, San Pedro de Alcántara
  • December 21, San Pedro Canisio

On the other hand, on January 29, in addition to celebrating Pedro Nolasco, the following saints are also celebrated: Saint Aphraates, Saint Constantius the Bishop, Saint Gildeas the Wise, Saint Juventino, Saint Papias, Saint Maurus, Saint Saberlino, Saint Valerio, Bishop of Trévereis and Saint Sulpice Severus.

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Surely you have noticed that Pedro's name is short, but have you ever stopped to think that there are only five letters and that each of them hides a number? P (7), E (5), D (4), R (9), O (6). If you add all of them until only a single digit remains (31 = 3 + 1 = 4), you will obtain the figure that will mark the destiny of your little one and that can reveal positive and negative traits about his personality. Do you want us to discover them together?

- Positive traits
They are very calm babies, who will keep up with them and who will work hard to achieve everything they set out to do in life. In their own way, without haste, they will achieve it because they are very hard-working and self-sacrificing people! They also stand out for being very sincere and honest and for not lying to look good. Those around them value this quality and admire them for it!

- Negative traits
They are very creative and imaginative people, which will make them stand out in intellectual activities but, on the contrary, refusing to do anything that has to do with sport and can, if they are not taken care of, lead to problems of sedentary lifestyle and obesity. On the other hand, they are not spontaneous at all and they don't like to get out of their comfort zone, they feel insecure!

Why give your child one name when you can go for two? If you like compound names and want to know what the best combinations are for Pedro in both first and second position, here is where to choose!

  • Pedro Jose. It is one of the most popular Hebrew names of all time. Many parents opt for this combination because of the character of Saint Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary, and because he relates to hard-working people.
  • Pedro Luis. Of Germanic origin, this name means 'illustrious warrior'. If you want to give your child great personality and strength, this is undoubtedly your perfect union!
  • Juan Pedro. Short, direct and with a lot of tradition within the church, Juan is a masculine name of Hebrew origin that means 'compassion for Yahweh' or 'Yahweh is favorable'
  • Pedro Alexander. Alexander's name is associated with words like protector and defender. It is one of the most popular in both its male and female versions.
  • Peter Jesus. Another one of the more traditional names that new parents can come across. Jesus is a name of Aramaic origin that means 'the savior'

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