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Day of the Virgin of Lourdes, February 11. Names for girls

Day of the Virgin of Lourdes, February 11. Names for girls

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Lourdes is a name for a girl whose origin is found in the French toponym Lorda, which is an equally interesting name for your daughter. In the same way, you can also choose to write Lurdes, since it is the variant in Spanish although it is much less frequent. In any case, Lourdes is a perfect name for your girl because it maintains the tradition without being outdated. Celebrate your name day February 11, which is the day of Our Lady of Lourdes.

The name Lourdes implies a energetic and dynamic personality. Lourdes is endowed with a special strength of character that leads her to be organized, constant and decisive, which is why she generally achieves success in everything she undertakes. Also Lourdes is passionate, of firm convictions and a great fighter for hers and for what she believes in.

The name of your daughter is another of those names that the Virgin Mary receives, in this case originating from the place name that the place bears where the Virgin made several of her appearances, Lourdes, a town in the French Pyrenees. Thanks to the popularity that this place has acquired, as well as its sanctuary that receives thousands of visitors every day, many girls bear this name.

The episode that made the town of Lourdes famous happened on February 11, 1858Hence, his name day is celebrated that day. It seems that the Virgin appeared to a girl named Bernadette and guided her to find a spring of healing waters that still exists today. The name Lourdes, therefore, is always synonymous with health and well-being and this Virgin is considered the patroness of the sick.

What little knows is that one of the Hollywood's most legendary actresses also bears your daughter's name, Maria de Lourdes Villiers Farrow, better known as Mia Farrow. There is also Madonna's daughter, Lourdes León; the Spanish journalist Lourdes Maldonado; Russian Red singer-songwriter Lourdes Hernández.

It is also curious to discover the number of countries that have chosen this name to designate a specific place in their geography, in addition to the one that already exists in France. The Tangier Cathedral (Morocco) is also called the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes; in Argentina and Chile there is a railway station with this nickname; in Bogotá (Colombia) there is a basilica baptized with the name of Lourdes and in the state of Sao Paulo (Brazil) a municipality known as Lourdes.

He Lourdes name it is linked with the number 4. What does this mean? Numerology has the answer for this, and that is that each letter of this name hides a digit and, if we add all of them, we will have the last one.

- Positive traits
They are quiet and very discreet children. They really want to learn and they do it quickly, although they do not like to stand out from others. They always prefer to stay in the background! Their character means that they never get into fights and that they are even mediators in any discussion.

- Negative traits
They are very emotional and that can generate more than one disgust, because there will be people who want to take advantage of them. As they like to develop their intellectual side more than their more physical part, they can develop a strong sedentary lifestyle. They should be encouraged to plan on the field and run and jump!

In addition to wanting to honor the Virgin of Lourdes on this day and, therefore, congratulate all the girls named like that, on this date more onomastic celebrations are celebrated.

  • San Pedro de Jesús Maldonado
  • San Ardano
  • San Castrense
  • Saint Gregory II pope
  • Saint Pasculal I, pope
  • San Secundino
  • Saint Severino, abbot of Agaun
  • Santa Soteris

And, throughout the shortest month of the year, there are other names that are also celebrating: Valentín, Elías, Álvaro, Isabel, Leonor, Alejandro, Gabriel or Román, among others.

If you have chosen the name Lourdes, you probably like the virgin names for your daughter, Is that so? In case it was not your decision in the end 100% and you want to test more options, here are six names of virgins that can look great on your daughter!

  • Fatima. Like Lourdes, Fátima has a pilgrimage site, this time in Portugal. We are facing a name of Arabic origin, which means 'young' or 'maiden'. Other theories point to 'splendid'.
  • Carmen. Name with strength and personality, the Virgen del Carmen is the patron saint of the sea. And she is honored on July 16 in different countries of the world: Spain, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.
  • Guadeloupe. It is an Arabic name that means 'river of stones' or 'river of love'. It is a very famous name in Mexico, in fact the Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexicans.
  • Macarena. Very popular in southern Spain, especially in Seville, and known worldwide for the song of the Spanish group Los del Río. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'happy, blissful'.
  • Dew. The pilgrimage that takes place in Andalusia (Spain) is famous to go to see this Virgin and carry her on his shoulders. It means 'that which has grace'.
  • Pillar. The Virgen del Pilar celebrates her name day on October 12 and is the patron saint of Zaragoza (Spain). It is a name of Latin origin that means 'the one who supports her own'.

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