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Protect your child from the skullbreaker, the Tik tok virus that can kill him

Protect your child from the skullbreaker, the Tik tok virus that can kill him

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Have you heard about the new viral challenge that triumphs among children? Surely yes, surely this dangerous practice in which two young people jump while tripping a third person has already reached your ears. It has become popular on Tik Tok, although it has spread to other social networks. In Guiainfantil we analyze the risks of the skullbreaker challenge and we give you some tips that will help you protect your child from participating in this dangerous game that can even cause the death of its victims after suffering a terrible blow to the head.

The other day someone sent a video to the school's WhatsApp group, the astonished comments were not long in coming. In the video, three young people were seen in a horizontal row, two of them jumped at the same time and, when the third did it, the others made him trip. The young man in the middle fell backwards, giving himself a tremendous blow to the head.

Have you also seen the video I'm talking about? Surely yes, it has not taken long to go viral, that video and many others in which that same 'game' or 'challenge' is practiced, allow me to use the quotation marks because you will have already realized that challenge or game does not have nothing.

The fact is that in a few weeks the skullbreaker challenge(name with which they have called this dangerous practice) is seen everywhere on social networks, especially on Tik Tok. In fact, there are already videos in which young people are seen dancing before they throw one of them to the ground when they trip, or in which they use a scarf so that another friend falls to the ground.

It is not clear what the origin of this dangerous challenge is, but everything points to a school in Caracas (Venezuela), since that is where the first challenges were recorded. The school has communicated the following on its social networks:

'Recently a video has gone viral on social networks in which some high school students from our institution are exposed playing a game where the health and physical integrity of one of the young people is allegedly being put at risk', and they add: "We have already summoned the parties involved to take the appropriate measures, and Internet users have also been asked not to promote this type of action."

What dangers does this type of action entail? As you may have already given yourself, the dangerous new viral skull-breaking challenge poses a risk to the children who carry it out. The adolescent when falling to the ground because of the trip that his classmates make him, hits his head hard on the ground.

To date, these actions have left several minors seriously injured due to the force with which their heads hit the ground. But this is not the only consequence that derives from this type of 'games':

Fractures and tears
Specialists warn that actions of this type can trigger skull or bone fractures and tears due to the intensity of the blow.

- Seizures and bleeding
On the other hand, hitting the ground can cause seizures and internal bleeding. An unexpected fall such as that resulting from a trip can also cause cervical sprains and even neck whipping.

Severe head injury
Doctors from different institutions also emphasize that a fall like this can lead to severe head injuries and, in the worst case, death.

The most important question now is this: what can parents and teachers do so that children have common sense and are not influenced by these kinds of challenges? It seems simple but deep down it is not; even less when they approach adolescence and for them the opinion and advice of friends have more weight than what parents can tell them.

1. Talk to your kids about the viral skullbreaker challenge
Perhaps the best trick that we can use so that children and adolescents do not 'sign up' to the challenge of the skull-buster or any other dangerous fad that is to come, is to tell them about the serious consequences they have for them and their friends.

It is important that they know that they have to move away if it turns out that they are the center of the challenge and, of course, make them see that if they are the ones who trip another teammate, in addition to the physical damage they are going to cause, there are also injuries moral and criminal consequences for those who commit the aggression. Worth? Of course not!

2. Inform the study center
Has your son or daughter told you that they do the skull-busting at their school? Then tell him that the right thing to do is to inform the teachers, the more they know about what is happening, the more measures can be taken about it. Talk to your child about his part of responsibility, if he knows about these kinds of things and does not say them, he is really also taking part of the challenge.

3. No viral videos
Why is this type of action gaining so much prominence among adolescents? Well, because they are recorded on video and disseminated on social networks, and whoever says social networks says 'likes' and protagonism. And let's not forget that Tik Tok, one of the main networks in which the video has been shared. Perhaps another measure that we can take is to tell our children that the mobile phone, if it is going to be used for these things, will stay at home, don't you think?

It is in everyone's hands to educate young people to put aside these dangerous challenges.

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