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11 hilarious pregnant problems you'll identify with

11 hilarious pregnant problems you'll identify with

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How are we going to prepare to be mothers? We don't have time for that! The nine months of pregnancy we are going to spend going back and forth to the bathroom, giving free rein to all our cravings or showing off our frequent mood swings. So there is no one who concentrates to try to be the best mother in the world, don't you think? In Guiainfantil.com we share with you the situations and the funniest pregnant problems. Are you expecting a baby? Then do not stop reading, surely you feel identified.

I am a mother of two little ones, the oldest is 7 years old (how fast he has grown!) And the little one is two years old. I still remember as if it were yesterday the visits to the gynecologist, the prepartum classes, the typical discomforts of pregnancy ... and I also remember, now with more affection than when I experienced it, the funny 'problems' so typical of pregnancy.

I will tell you here some of the things that happened to me and others that my friends went through, you know that pregnancy brings friends together for a lifetime. And then you tell me which of these situations you identify with. Surely in the end we all laugh!

1. I want to eat pizza RIGHT NOW
'Darling, can you get me some ice cream?' 'Better a piece of chocolate.' 'No, wait, I prefer a tomato bread.' 'Pizza! I want pizza right now! ' Do these phrases sound familiar to you? They seem out of a movie but no, they are pure reality. Cravings always get their own way!

2. Did that noise come from my belly?
What a shame! A wind has escaped me! Or something similar ... The noises of the belly do not leave you neither in the sun nor in the shade, right? Well patience because you are the same throughout your pregnancy.

3. Not again! My pee has leaked again!
To go or not to go to the bathroom to pee, that is the question. When you go it turns out that it was only the pressure (again) of the baby on the bladder and when you do not go because you think it will not come out or drop, it turns out that it escapes you ... Just when you are on the street and you have nothing dry to put you on. What can we do! And another thing, beware of laughing out loud, it is proven that it is the prelude to 'Run, my foot is missing!'

4. How am I going to sleep like this?
The baby moves inside you as if it were in an amusement park, especially at night when you are trying to fall asleep. I affirm, I don't even need to ask, I've been through the same thing! What will the night have that makes the babies start playing soccer?

5. Oh! Cramps strike again
Let's see if this sounds like something to you, you are walking down the street and, all of a sudden, your left leg moves by itself, am I right? It's the cramps. Dear future mom, if you are in the middle of your pregnancy and have already started to suffer them, know that they probably will not pass until you give birth. Anyway...

And we continue with our particular list of typical situations in pregnancy with which you will feel very identified.

6. I can not move...
Don't worry, it's not that you've gone into labor, it's just your baby with one of its impossible positions. I know from experience, my baby was not still even when the ultrasounds were playing. If it's any consolation, it turns out that she is now a most calm girl.

7. As you ask me another question ...
You are in the first months of pregnancy and they ask you: 'are you pregnant?' Or are you in the middle of your pregnancy and they tell you this other 'are you expecting triplets?' There is also the uncomfortable question of 'are you going to give birth now?', Or the question of 'have you eaten a watermelon?' How funny people can be! true?

8. A glass of wine?
Remember when you had a bad day, you came home and you had a glass of wine? The problems disappeared as if by magic. Time to swap the wine for a cup of hot milk.

9. I think I'm going to explode
Go back to point number 1. Have you crossed the line? Well, you know that this is another funny situation that you are going to live and that you will always remember.

10. And me with these hairs!
Thanks to hormones, hair sprouts from the strangest places. Getting rid of them, of course, is a very complex task. By the way, it is true that hair looks very beautiful and full of vitality during pregnancy, point for us!

11. Don't talk to me today
What else are the consequences of hormone changes? Well, the mood swings. You can go from 'I love you madly' to 'don't touch me or you'll find out' in a matter of seconds, and instead tell the baby's father.

Which of these funny situations during pregnancy do you identify with? Would you add any more to the list?

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