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Santa Rosa Day, March 6. Names for girls

Santa Rosa Day, March 6. Names for girls

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Rosa is a name for a girl of Latin origin with a meaning related to the well-known flower. It has remained unchanged in form and meaning since its origin and is an ideal name for your daughter because it evokes all the beauty, love and delicacy that the rose has transmitted throughout the centuries. Celebrate your name day on March 6, which is the day of Santa Rosa.

Because of the meaning of her name, Rosa has all the beauty, elegance and appeal of the same flower. Thus Rosa is fragile but powerful, delicate but firm of character and at all times she exerts an attraction that is difficult to resist. But Rosa's qualities do not lie solely in her charm, but he is also an enterprising person and with a great spirit of sacrifice to help others.

Rosa's name is used in all languages ​​and the number of possibilities derived from Rosa, such as Rosana, Rosalía, Roxana, Rosario, Rosalba or Rosalinda, is surprising. A whole range of names that help to highlight the charm of your girl who, without a doubt, will proudly carry a name loaded with symbolism from ancient times.

Because Rosa is much more than a girl's name and more than a flower name. The desert rose is a mineral frequently used in decoration and thanks to the compass rose navigators are oriented at sea. In addition, the rose appears on many shields of the noblest families and a rose is the clearest symbol of love and beauty.

Throughout history there are many illustrious women who have borne the name of your daughter. Rosa has also served to give life to an infinity of literary characters and today we can highlight journalists and writers such as Rosa Regás or Rosa Montero. One of the most beloved singers on the Spanish music scene is Rosa López and the rose that everyone wants for their wedding is that of the wedding dress designer Rosa Clará.

How could it be otherwise, this saint and virgin was born and died in Viterbo. He belonged to the third order of San Francisco and dedicated his short life (barely 18 years) to helping those most in need and doing charitable works.

In honor of this saint, We can find ourselves in different parts of the planet, towns with this nameFor example, a county in the United States, two parishes in Spain (Galicia and Asturias), and a couple of municipalities in Colombia and Brazil.

In addition, several painters of important international fame, such as Zurbarán or Murillo, have captured the image of Rosa de Vierto in their paintings (she is usually represented with a crucifix in her hand and preaching, although other times she can be found at the stake) .

If we review the saints calendar of the year we find that not only is Santa Rosa celebrated on March 6. There are different dates chosen to celebrate Rosa's day. Write them down in your agenda and ... don't miss any!

  • Santa Rosa by Fan Hui. August 16th
  • Rose of Lima. August 23rd
  • Saint Rosa Francisca María de los Dolores. 11th of June
  • Santa Rosalía of Palermo. 4th of September
  • Our Lady of the Rosary. October 7
  • Santa Rosa Felipa Duchesne. November 18th
  • Saint Mary Crucified of Rosa. December 15.

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Behind the two vowels and two consonants that make up Rosa's name, we can find a number that will not only accompany your little girl for the rest of her life, but can also give you clues about what your daughter will be like and what traits (positive and negative) will prevail in it. And all thanks to numerology!

- Positive aspects
His great physical and intellectual activity will be his hallmark. And they will not stop organizing, creating, imagining, fantasizing ... And derived from these characteristics is their ability to make friends, they are extremely sociable! and to maintain them. They are always very understanding and attentive.

- Negative aspects
And at the other extreme we find those 'qualities' that you have to work with to try to smooth them out. And when things don't go their way, they throw a tantrum! Not to mention that feeling of insecurity that invades them if someone rejects them.

The power and magic of nature is so great that many parents are inspired by it to come up with the perfect name for their little girl. If one of the reasons that has led you to opt for Rosa is that it is a flower name, here we present other equally beautiful options.

  • Daisy flower. Greek girl's name meaning 'pearl'. It is said that they are people with a lot of personality and charisma.
  • Lily. Of Arabic origin, did you know that it is a variant of the girl's name Susana?
  • Poppy. It is the symbol of the Netherlands. This name for a boy has an Arabic origin and, due to its red color, it is said that the people who wear it are very passionate.
  • Violet. Also known as Viola, its diminutive, is a name for a girl of Latin origin whose meaning is directly related to the beauty of the flower.
  • Jasmine. 'Bella as the shape it wears' is the translation of this name of Arabic origin that has had its great boom for being the name of a Disney princess, the protagonist of Aladdin.

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