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Chimpanzees. Biography in short story of Jane Goodall for children

Chimpanzees. Biography in short story of Jane Goodall for children

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Jane Goodall is an inspiring figure that children should know, because they can learn a lot from her work and contributions. This is a British primatologist who has taught us a lot about the life of chimpanzees, but also about the importance of caring for nature and the environment. Share with your children, this biography short story about the life of Jane Goodall.

In addition to this story, we propose some reading comprehension activities and more children's biographies about other important historical figures.

- Jane! ... Jane !! But hey, where has he been?

The sun had barely risen and Jane was no longer in her bed. Her mom was desperately looking for her.

Where would it have gone? At only four years old, he couldn't have gone very far.

Jane, hair tousled from sleeping and still bleary in her eyes, waited with her body in a ball in the henhouse outside her house. She had to stay very still and silent if she wanted to finally see how chickens lay eggs.

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- I have seen it! I have seen it! - He left saying at last.

After waiting all morning, he watched one of the chickens lay her perfect white egg. It almost seemed like magic.

Jane grew up surrounded by animals, in the south of England. He loved being with them, seeing how they played, how they ate and even how they slept.

One day, his dad gave him a toy chimpanzee that seemed for real.

- What a horror! - said some friends of her mother - the girl is going to be scared with that horrible toy!

But it was not like that, but the other way around !:

- My little chimpanzee! It will be called Jubilee - She said to herself while hugging him.

She dreamed of being like Tarzan ... Or like Doctor Dolittle! When I grew up I would go to the jungle, to live surrounded by animals and to write down everything they did in a notebook.

And boy did he!

He got older and as soon as he had the chance he went to Africa ... there were wild chimps and I could spend the whole day watching.

He was living on a farm and soon after he learned that there was a man who was looking for someone to do research on chimpanzees in Tanzania:

- I have to call him on the phone! Quick! I want to go to Tanzania with that man! - Jane said when she found out.

His dream came true: lived in a cabin, in Africa, surrounded by chimpanzees and watching what they did. He amused himself by naming them:

- This is very strong, I'll call him Humphrey. This is very shy ... I'll call her Olly. And this one? He has a gray beard ... I'll call him David Bagbeard.

Jane discovered incredible things about chimpanzees, such as that they used tools or that they did not only eat vegetables, as was believed until then.

Later on, Jane and many other scientists and naturalists realized that there were fewer and fewer forests and that therefore many animals were in danger. This made that, in addition to studying the chimpanzees, he also took care of trying not to destroy more forests.

- If we are the most intelligent creature that has ever walked on Earth, how is it possible that we are destroying this planet? - He said.

Jane's work so that the animals' home is not destroyed is very important. She is convinced that today's children are going to fix all this mess.

Every little thing we do to take care of the planet counts. Jane is convinced of it ... and you?

People like Jane Goodall are a source of inspiration and a precious role model for generations to come. He has done a wonderful job, not only providing information on the behavior of groups of chimpanzees, but also intervening with strength and tenacity in the sad situation of the planet's forests.

Through his biography in short story, children can get to know the character and at the same time internalize a little more the message that we must take care of the planet and that each gesture counts. To work both ways, we include here both reading comprehension questions as educational and fun proposals:

- As a child, what was Jane doing one day when her mother was looking for her and couldn't find her?

- What did Jane want to do when she grew up?

- Do you remember any of the names of the chimpanzees Jane studied in Africa?

- Do you remember any of Jane's discoveries?

- What happens to animals if forests disappear?

- What if we make a list of things that can be done on a daily basis to take care of the planet?

- What did you keep from Jane's biography?

We propose to do a little artistic work, trying to extract what we like the most from his biography. This can be done in many ways: looking for information from the biography and creating clippings, simply drawing, creating a small homemade illustrated story ... What do you fancy the most?

As you already know, children's biographies, adapted as if they were short stories, are a very useful and fun resource for children of different ages learn about the lives of different famous historical figures and his work. Next we suggest you read with your children about the lives of some important men and women such as Marie Curie or Albert Einstein.

With all these biographies in mind, you can ask reading comprehension questions and games like the ones we have proposed for the story about Jane Goodall. Enjoy the following stories!

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