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June 1 - Justin's Saint's Day - Names for boys

June 1 - Justin's Saint's Day - Names for boys

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If your baby will be born in June and you like the names of saint, Justino may be a good alternative. Although it is not considered a very popular name, Justin is a name that is linked to the justice, integrity and kindness. One of the best known characters in history, from whom a saint's name has been generated has been Saint Justin Martyr, one of the leading writers, thinkers, and philosophers of the early Christian Church. Discover the meaning and origin of this saint's name, as well as other curiosities that are around this name.

Justin is a saint's name from latin originwhich means 'someone who is like the just', 'relative to justice', 'the one who is upright and does justice', 'the one who is just and upright', 'the one who defends the right'. Justin is the relative form of the name Just. The origin is the Latin word justus, which is also a name, Justus.

The name Justin is masculine, and he celebrates his name day on June 1, the death anniversary of Saint Justin Martyr, one of the main writers, thinkers and philosophers of the early Christian church. The story goes that Saint Justin was born in 100 AD. in the city of Flavia Neapolis (modern Nablus, in the West Bank). Although he claims to be a Samaritan, his family was Greek-speaking pagan, so he was brought up in that cultural context and lived in the second century.

A great defender of Christian thought, Justin believed that all the teaching of Greek philosophy would eventually turn to Jesus Christ, and that this would be the culmination of philosophical thought. Because of his great faith in Jesus Christ and because of his teachings, Justin was martyred and beheaded. For this reason, this name is linked to everything related to justice and integrity.

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According to numerology, the name Justin corresponds to the number 5. Then it is said that people called Justin are people who express themselves through perseverance, concentration, creativity and sensitivity.

Due to their free and spontaneous nature, they are usually very sociable and fun babies who love to be around people. Although they like to be aware of them, they are not interested in being leaders, but in being the life of the party. And people come to admire them from a very young age for their intelligence.

Justin has the following variations: Justo, Justiniano, Justin, Justí, Giustino, Xistino, Xusto, Zuzen. Regarding this name in other languages, we have:

Justin in English: Justin

Justino in Catalan: Justí

Justin in Italian: Giustino

Justin in German: Justin

Justin in French: Justin

Justino in Portuguese: Justino

Justin in Basque: Zuzen, Justin

Justino in Galician: Xustino

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