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Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day June 29. Names for boys of saints

Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day June 29. Names for boys of saints

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On June 29, the double saint of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Who were these characters? Why are they so important to Christian saints? Why is your name day celebrated on the same day? We too have been bitten by the curiosity bug, so we got down to work to answer these and other questions, look at everything we have discovered! Do not hesitate to share it with your children, they surely like to know all these things, especially if one of them is called Pedro or Pablo. Here we go!

How many saints are there in June, right? One of the ones that stands out the most is Saint Peter and Saint Paul which, in addition to being very relevant to history, happen to be held on the same day.

The official name of the joint solemnity of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is defined as the commemoration of the martyrdom in Rome of the apostles Simon Peter and Paul of Tarsus, celebrated on June 29, being one of the most prominent religious celebrations for Christians Catholic and Orthodox.

It is on that same date that the Christian virtues of the two apostles are recognized as they defended the Gospel with their example and with their lives.

The double saints of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is very significant for the Catholic tradition, since These two saints are considered fundamental in terms of the spread of Catholicism in the Roman Empire. Knowing a little more about his life and work will help you understand the deep meaning we are talking about.

Saint Peter (his birth name was Shimon bar Iona), known as Simon Peter Bethsaida, Cephas or simply Peter, was considered a New Testament, and what does this mean? Well what Peter was one of the favorite disciples of Jesus of Nazareth.

A fisherman by trade, after becoming a faithful follower of Jesus, he became one of the best-known apostles, so much so that his name does not stop appearing in the canonical Gospels. Those who knew him affirm that he was a strong and impulsive man that made others see human weakness and human miseries. Peter ended his days in Rome martyred under Nero.

Paul of Tarsus, originally called Saul of Tarsus or Saul Paul, was born in Tarsus of Cilicia. He is known as the Apostle of the Gentiles or the Apostle of the Nations because he was a Jew and a Roman citizen sent to Damascus, where he was found by Jesus. From that moment he became his disciple. Highlighted from him the great influence he had on the Hellenic culture and its interaction with the Roman Empire.

According to the Christian tradition, Paul was martyred and beheaded at the hands of Nero's government in Rome, however, other scriptures affirm that he was crucified.

Many families choose the name of their future baby according to Christian saints. If this is also one of your options, be sure to read that here we tell you what the nickname of these two saints means.

Pedro is a very common name for boys in Spain and several regions of Latin America, which has its origin from the Latin nickname Petrus, which comes to mean 'stone'. The experts also affirm that Pedro is a cognate nickname, that is, it has a common root with the Greek name (Petros), which is also translated as 'stone'. Those who are called that have a marked personality, in addition, they are friendly, affectionate and very familiar.

As for Pablo, it is a masculine name of Latin origin, specifically derived from the nickname 'Paulus', which means 'small man full of humility'. It is said that those who bear this name are people who stand out for their gentleness, and it is not necessary to forget that Saint Paul receives the nickname of the Gentile Apostle, for his honesty, perseverance and great effort.

If you also want to know why this double saint is due, you should know that, among the main reasons are ...

- Peter and Paul are considered the founders of the Church of Rome. Both ended their days in that city on the same day.

- The two were imprisoned and martyred in the Mamertine prison (Tullianum), located in the heart of Ancient Rome.

- Besides both are patrons of Rome and exemplary representatives of the GospelSo much so that even Pope Francis explained that Saint Peter and Saint Paul 'are our fellow travelers in search of God; they are our guide on the path of faith and holiness; they push us towards Jesus, to do everything He asks of us. '

Calling a child Pedro or Pablo is a good choice, they are beautiful names that do not go out of style, in addition, being short, they usually combine well with any surname and allow a wide variety of compound names such as Juan Pedro or José Pablo.

But since our thing is to give you ideas, we are going to leave you here some suggestions of other beautiful names for boys that begin with the letter P. Read them along with their meaning, you will like them a lot!

  • Paulino
    It is a name of Latin origin that translates to something like 'the smallest'. Paulino de Nola is considered the patron saint of the bell ringers.
  • Paschal
    Male nickname of Latin origin that means' the one who is born at Easter; referent and sacred to Easter '. Pascual Baylón Yubera was a Franciscan friar, patron of the works.
  • cheep
    Latin name for boys that means 'devout man'. Pius of Pietrelcina was known for his miracles.
  • Pelayo
    Greek nickname that means 'will to choose'. Pelayo was a martyred Christian later canonized by the Catholic Church.
  • Patrick
    Nickname for children of Latin origin that comes to mean 'the one who is noble'. Patrick of Ireland is a preacher from Britain.
  • Plato
    Male name of Greek origin whose meaning is 'broad-shouldered man'. Saint Plato was a monk who lived in the 8th century with the Emperor Nicephorus.
  • Prudentius
    This name for boys is of Latin origin and means 'prudent, judicious person'. He is the patron saint of Álava since the middle of the 17th century.

Now we know a little more about the Saint double of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, What do you think?

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