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Saint Camillus Day, July 14. Names for boys

Saint Camillus Day, July 14. Names for boys

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Camilo is a name for a boy of Etruscan origin transmitted through Latin meaning 'minister' or 'priest'. It is one of the most interesting names that is ideal for your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Camilo stands out for its originality, its mystery and for the strength that comes from the oldest tradition. He celebrates his birthday on July 14, which is the day of San Camilo.

To choose this name for your offspring, perhaps it is good that you know the history of this saint who did not convert until he was 25 years old. And it is that the life of Camilo, born in Italian lands, was full of serious setbacks, such as when he was fired from his job as a servant for bad behavior.

From a very young age he manifested a nonconformist and rebellious attitude, and that is Camilo was a lover of games of chance. The son of a father with military training, he enlisted in the Venetian army to fight against the Turks, but a mishap brought him back to earth earlier than expected.

His addiction to gambling and gambling made him lose everything he owned and forced him to beg on the streets of Naples (he had previously begged and robbed his neighbors). Chance made him start working in the Capuchin convent, where the miracle took place: Camilo regretted his past life, the damage he had done and the sins he had committed.

At the age of 30, he was ordained a priest and dedicated himself to giving his life to the sick, he even founded the Order of Ministers of the Sick (Camilos Religious), hence he is known as the patron of people who are going through some disease.

Due to the meaning of his name, Camilo has a charismatic personality surrounded by mystery and enigma. Camilo is a self-confident person who exerts a great influence on others thanks to his charm and his alert intelligence. In addition, Camilo is tenacious and hard-working and does not hesitate to take on responsibilities, both family and work.

The name Camilo is known in several languages, although it is more frequent in the Hispanic world, in Italy and in France, where we know the variant Camille. We especially like its Slavic version Kamil, because it evokes intellectual and mysterious characters. In any case, Camilo is one of those names that are worth rescuing to make it fully current.

Some of the best known characters named Camilo may help you choose the name of your baby. The French impressionist painter Camille Pissarro is a clear example of the genius of the name and, without leaving France, it should be noted that Camille is a name used for both boy and girl.

A successful singer like Camilo Sexto also comes to mind. But if someone has contributed to popularize the name of your son and make him one of the greatest, it is the Nobel Prize-winning writer, Camilo José Cela. An essential author who wasted creativity and ingenuity throughout his life.

Did you know that everyone has a lucky number assigned to us the moment our parents select a name for us? The magic of this digit is that it will give us data about our personality that we can enhance, correct or improve.

To obtain Camilo's, you just have to add the digits that hide each of the letters and consonants of the name (C-3, A-1, M-4, I-9, L-3 and 6-0) until there is only one left, in this case 8.

- Positive traits
Do you remember what your baby was like in your gut? Would you say it was very busy? Normal! Children governed by this digit are very active, they do not stop still for a minute. Parents will be brought upside down! Where there is danger, there they will be! This concern will also be reflected in other areas, such as the intellectual, and they will have a great desire to know and learn things constantly.

- Negative traits
If you have heard about the different maturational crises in the development of the child, we have to tell you that your offspring will go through all of them: that of 2 years, that of 7 years, that of puberty, that of adolescence ... AND is that tantrums could be his first or second last name. Teaching how to manage your emotions will help you channel that energy that you have and that transforms into anger.

Camilo is a name of such beauty that it is not surprising that you have fallen in love from the first moment and that you are clear that this is how you will baptize your son. But we want to make a particular suggestion: try some of the combinations that we present to create a compound name for your child.

  • Camilo Jose
    One of the first alternatives we offer you is Jose, a name that rarely appears alone. It means 'Yahweh has erased' or 'that Yahweh adds'. and it is the name of the father of Jesus and husband of the Virgin Mary. He celebrates his name day on March 19.
  • Juan Camilo
    Name of Hebrew origin, means merciful and is one of the most popular names in the world and with more variations in other languages. He celebrates his saint on June 24.
  • Camilo Andrés
    'Brave man' is the meaning of the six letters of this name of Greek origin that celebrates its saint on November 30. What do you think of the union?
  • Camilo Jesus
    It is a clearly religious name, and it is neither more nor less than the name of The Messiah. If you consider yourself to be traditional parents, this combination is perfect for you! The saint of Jesus is December 25.
  • Ivan Camilo
    Did you know that Ivan has a Russian origin and that he is an alternative to Juan? Thus its meaning is the same, 'merciful', it celebrates its name day on June 24 and, another detail, contains the same number of letters.

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