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Saint Federico Day, July 18. Names for boys

Saint Federico Day, July 18. Names for boys

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Federico is one of those names for boys that is used less, but still heard. It is of Germanic origin and means 'prince of peace'. It is a name with an attractive meaning that can be perfect for your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, it is very familiar because it has been a name used since ancient times and yet it has not lost its freshness. Celebrate your name day the July 18, What is it Saint Federico's day.

We tell you everything about this saint, but we also reveal some curiosities about the name of Federico. You will love to meet them if your child is called like that or you are thinking of using it for your future baby.

How fast the days go by, right? Not long ago we were celebrating the New Year and it is already July 18. Did you know that this date is not just any day of the year? The saints have marked it to celebrate the name day of all adults, children and babies named Federico. And is that July 18 is Saint Frederick's Day, in honor of Frederick of Utrecht.

Have you ever heard of this saint? He was born in 790 and died in 838 in the city of Utrecht (hence his name, as you may have already guessed) in the Netherlands. He was born into a family of the nobility of the time, but he wanted to dedicate himself to cultivating and making his Christian faith known. In fact, he became bishop of his city.

This saint has gone down in history for being very supportive and for always reaching out to everyone who needed it. He died when he was attacked by some vandals. It is said that he could have been killed by those who did not want Christianity to prevail in the Netherlands, which is why he is considered a martyr. Today, he is known for being the patron of deafness.

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Although the date of July 18 is the most celebrated day for children named Federico, there is another blessed, Federico Albert, who celebrates his day on September 30.

The name Federico is known throughout the world with variants that are very familiar to us. Frederick in English, Friedich in German and their diminutives Fede, Fred, Freddy or Fritz. All of them variants that remind us of well-known characters such as Fred Astaire or Freddie Mercury.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know that Federico has been one of the favorite names to name European kings and nobles. But neither can we forget one of the bad guys of cinema and a true myth of horror movies, Freddy Krueger.

More pleasant reminiscences are left by all those personalities from the art world who have borne or bear the name of your son, such as the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini or the successful writer Federico Moccia. Although if we talk about literature we cannot fail to mention one of the best poets of all time, Federico García Lorca.

Numerology gives a number to each baby name and that figure depends on the sum of the values ​​of each of the letters that make it up. In the case of Federico, your number is 2 since this is the distribution of numerology for his name (you have to add everything until it is reduced to a single figure): F (6), E (5), D (4), E (5), R (9 ), I (9), C (3), O (6).

Babies who relate to the number 2 tend to be very generous. Since they are very young they are used to sharing their belongings (including toys!), So they tend to be disinterested. They are also kind and supportive, helping those in need. On the other hand, they tend to be shy, especially when they do not know the person in front of them, so they need the support of their own to face the new.

Because of the meaning of his name, Federico has a calm personality capable of imposing calm and peace of mind among those close to you. Federico is also a natural seducer for his sympathy and wit, which he does not hesitate to use both in social relationships and at work.

In case you are thinking of naming your unborn baby Federico, but are not yet fully determined, don't worry! Here we suggest other names for boys that, like Federico, are long and traditional. To make deciding on one or the other easier, we will tell you the meaning and origin of each of them.

- Fernando. This name is a classic that has been used for hundreds of years. In fact, it is one of those names that, like Federico, remind us of kings. Fernando is a name of Germanic origin that means 'he who is willful'. Did you know that its saints are celebrated on May 30?

- Faustino. For names with class and reminiscent of the past, Faustino (although you can also choose the name Fausto as a shorter option). It is a Latin name that referred to all those born in the Faust family. His saints are February 15, in honor of a martyr of the Catholic Church.

- Alberto. If so many parents have chosen Alberto's name to call their babies, it will be because it is a winning name, don't you think? It is a German name that means 'the one who stands out for his nobility'. His saint is August 7.

- William. This is another name with touches of royalty, as there have been many kings, all over the world, who have been named that way. It is a Germanic name that means 'the protector'. His saint is June 25.

Don't forget to congratulate all the children named Federico every July 18!

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