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Day of Santa Natalia, July 27. Names for girls

Day of Santa Natalia, July 27. Names for girls

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Natalia is a name for a girl of Latin origin whose meaning is in relation to 'birth'. It belongs to the same family as Christmas and Nativity, although with a more modern touch. It is an ideal name for your girl because she exudes beauty and sweetness while maintaining tradition. He celebrates his name day on July 27, which is the day of Santa Natalia.

Natalia's story is the story of a woman who died at a time when being a Christian was not well regarded and 'it was better to keep quiet'. He spent much of his life in the Spanish city of Córdoba, at a time when three peoples and three religions coexisted 'peacefully': Christians, Jews and Muslims. And, although apparently all three could freely profess, this was not so!

Natalia, with strong Christian beliefs, married Aurelio, a man who is also a very believer. In secret, both worshiped the lord, but only from the inside to avoid possible reprisals. But one day they saw the unfair treatment that the authorities gave a Christian, and they decided not to shut up again and preach their word without any fear.

Fate wanted another Christian couple, Félix and Lilia, and an Italian monk to cross their lives. One day the five of them stood in the open face of the mosque in order to let everyone know that they were Christians. This act of bravery led directly to their death on July 27.

For the meaning of your name, Natalia implies a familiar, close and affable character. Natalia handles herself well in social relationships, as she gives off an aura of mystery and magnetism that, accompanied by her delicacy, make her very seductive. In addition, Natalia has a great capacity for work and strives to achieve her goals and provide well-being for her family.

The name Natalia is known and used throughout the world. It is a frequent name that has lost none of its charm despite prolonged use. We find very attractive variants in other languages like the English Natalie or the French Nathalie. But without a doubt, the most attractive variant because it evokes beautiful and seductive women is the Russian Natasha.

Reflection of its delicacy and beauty we find in the artistic world numerous women who bear the name of your daughter. And from the cinema we also get several spectacular women named Natalia, such as Natalia Verbeke, Natalia Dicenta, Natalie Wood or Natalie Portman. Although if there is someone who evokes the world of emotions, it is the fictional character from 'War and Peace', Natasha Rosthov, brilliantly created by Leon Tolstoy to transfer us to the world of the Russian aristocracy.

Since our baby is in our gut, a mother's mind cannot stop imagining what her baby will be like physically and if she will look more like mom or dad. But you also can't stop thinking about what traits will make up your personality.

If this is your case and you want to know what will characterize your little one, we can use numerology! Once you have chosen the name for your offspring, you have to add the numbers that are hidden behind each vowel and consonant that make it up. Thus, in Natalia's case, it would be 4, obtained after doing this operation (N-5, A-1, T-2, A-1, L-3, I-9 and A-1).

- Positive traits
Children governed by this figure are worthy of admiration because nothing stops them. It will cost them more or something will cost them less, for example, walking, but with their effort, perseverance and determination they will achieve it. They also stand out for being quite calm people, who do not like confrontations or fights.

- Negative traits
As a counterpoint to all these beautiful qualities, it must be said that the so-called Natalia and all those boys and girls who are accompanied by the four are very independent, so much so that they can touch isolation and loneliness. It is difficult for them to relate to others, make plans together and work as a team.

Why did you think of Natalia's name for your daughter? Maybe because it is long and very very feminine? If so, but you want to know other more options that can be great for your little one, don't miss the selection of beautiful long names for your baby with their origin and meaning? And that, like Natalia, they all have 7 letters.

  • Barbara
    Of Latin origin, it means 'foreign woman'. It is a name with a long history and with a strong presence in all moments of history. From the popular Saint Barbara of the 3rd century, the main characters of works by Charles Dickens or Bernard Shaw, the singer Barbara Streisand or the former first lady of the United States Barbara Bush.
  • Candle
    Diminutive of Candelaria, this name of Spanish origin comes from the word candle and means 'the one that illuminates or the illuminated one'. A very popular name in Spain and Latin American countries like Chile or Argentina. His saint is celebrated on February 2. Candela is closely linked to the Bible, as it refers to a very important moment in the life of Jesus: when the Virgin Mary takes him to the Temple to introduce him to the priests.
  • Daniela
    It comes from Daniel and, as with its male version, it is one of the names preferred by the most modern parents in different parts of the planet. Like Natalia, she celebrates her saint in July, exactly a few days before, on July 21. It means 'justice of God'.
  • Fabiola
    In some countries like Spain, this name has royal connotations, and it is that Fabiola belongs to a Spanish aristocrat who occupied the throne of Belgium when she married King Baudouin in 1960. In Latin America, this name of Latin origin that literally means' collector of broad beans', also has a very good reputation.
  • Leticia
    The name Letizia (can be written with c or z) has an Italian origin and means 'joy' and 'happiness', like the one that your little one will surely bring to your home. Currently this name has become popular because it belongs to the Queen of Spain, but did you know that it was the first name of Napoleon's mother?

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