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Saint Henry's Day, July 13. Names for boys

Saint Henry's Day, July 13. Names for boys

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Enrique It is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means 'the lord of his house'. It is a name that tradition has endowed with great strength that will be reflected in the character of your child. It has long been one of the most frequent names, remaining a fresh and current name at all times. Celebrate his name day on July 13, what is the Saint Henry's day. Here we tell you more details and curiosities about this name, in case you want to call your baby on the way.

If you finally decide that you want to name your baby Enrique, July 13 it will become a date marked on your calendar with a smile. And it is that, as we have already told you, this is the day on which the saints of this name are celebrated.

And why was this day chosen? Correspond with the date of death in 1024 of Henry II the Saint, who was also known as Henry II of Germany. This historical figure was a great German king and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. In addition to his role as a great leader, he will be remembered for his missionary activity. In addition, he was the promoter of different changes within the Church of the time. It was Pope Eugene III who canonized him in 1146.

You should know that there is another day when Enrique's saint is celebrated, but this is in honor of San Enrique de Ossó y Cervelló, a Spanish priest who founded the Compañía de Santa Teresa de Jesús. Is date is january 27, so you cannot forget to give a big hug to all the Enriques you meet on this day.

Do you like the name Enrique? Due to its sound it transmits great strength and power ... Like that of babies who are called like that! Indeed, it is a name that comes from the german language, more specifically from 'haim', which means home or country, and 'rich', which means leader or master. Putting both words together we get to the meaning of this name: 'master of the house'. It is very likely that when your little Enrique is born he will become the 'lord of the house', so this name is specially designed for him.

Enrique gives rise to many diminutives and affectionate nicknames such as Quique or Kike, Quico or Kiko, Henry, Enrico ... The feminine form of Enrique exists, although it is used less frequently than the name for men. They are Enrica or Enriqueta, two names that used to be heard more often a few decades ago.

And when it comes to making compound names, we can combine it in many different ways: Enrique José, Luis Enrique, Manuel Enrique, Daniel Enrique, Enrique Jesús ... Which is your favorite?

As a curiosity we will tell you that Enrique's number according to numerology is 8. What does this mean? Those of this name are active and dynamic babies that do not stop moving. When they get a little older, it is common for them to find it difficult to assume the responsibilities or tasks that are entrusted to them. But, on the other hand, it should be noted that they are very sociable and friendly.

The name Enrique has fallen in love with parents around the world and, therefore, has spread to different languages. In all of them, has a different shape depending on how it has evolved in the language, but all the variants of Enrique arise from that German root of which we spoke.

  • In Arabic it is Inrīkī
  • In German it is Heinrich or Heinz
  • In Catalan it is Enric
  • In Esperanto it is Henriko
  • In Basque it is Endika
  • In French it's Henri
  • In Greek it is Erríkos
  • In English it's Henry
  • In Italian it's Enrico
  • In Polish it's Henryk
  • In Portuguese it's Henrique

When choosing the name of your baby it may help you to know that Enrique has been throughout history a name for kings and nobles from all over Europe. There are many illustrious people who have borne this name with pride in their battles, conquests and reigns. To mention, Henry I of Scotland was king after marrying Mary I of Scotland or Henry of Flanders who was a very strong leader.

Literature also has one of the most charismatic and revolutionary writers like the North American Henry Miller. He is the author of works such as 'Tropic of Cancer' or 'Black Spring'.

We know the German variant of your son's name from the discoverer of Troy, Heinrich Schliemann. And current music is full of artists named Enrique. Enrique Bunbury, Enrique Iglesias or the late Enrique Urquijo are some of those who best show their sensitive and creative side.

In July many other saints are celebrated in addition to that of San Enrique. Do you know what all of them are? Take a look at the following list and don't forget congratulate you all!

  • July 1, Santa Esther
  • July 2, Santo Vidal
  • July 3, St. Thomas
  • July 5, Santa Aroa
  • July 7, San Fermín
  • July 9, Santa Veronica
  • July 11, San Benito
  • July 16, Our Lady of Carmen
  • July 18, San Federico
  • July 21, San Daniel
  • July 24, Santa Cristina
  • July 25, Santo Santiago
  • July 27, Santa Natalia
  • July 29, Santa Marta
  • July 31, Santo Ignacio

As a curiosity we will also tell you that Santo Enrique coincides in his celebration with many other saints. And it is that on July 13 the saints of Santa Teresa de los Andes, Santa Clelia Barbieri, San Esdras, San Eugenio de Cartago, San José Wang Guiji, Santa Sara abbess, Santa Miropa de Chíos, San Silas and San Turiviano are also celebrated. . Many congratulations on your saint too to all of you!

From here we send on July 13 (and every other day of the year) a huge hug of congratulations to all children and parents named Enrique.

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