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Saint James Day, July 25. Names for boys

Saint James Day, July 25. Names for boys

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Santiago is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'God will reward' or 'The one who changes'. It is related to one of the most beautiful and current names such as Yago, since it is the compound of Sant and Yago.

It is not one of the most frequent names, but its use is very familiar and in recent years it has been revitalized by those parents who like traditional names. Celebrate your name day July 25, which is the day of Santo Santiago. If you are looking for names for boys that are beautiful, discover everything about this one.

On July 25, the Day of Santo Santiago is celebrated in honor of the apostle Santiago el Mayor, also known as Santiago de Zebedeo. The Bible tells how he witnessed the apparitions of Jesus after resurrection, in addition to being present in other prominent moments of the sacred texts. That is why he is one of the most important figures for Christians.

As a nickname, he is often called 'Matamoros' or 'son of Zebedeo'. It is established that his birth took place in the 5th century BC. and his death in AD 44, at the hands of Herod Agrippa I. The Order of Santiago was founded in his honor and its most important sanctuary is located in Santiago de Compostela(in the north of Spain), where thousands of people pilgrimage a year through the known as Santiago's road. This saint is represented dressed as a pilgrim or as a soldier on a white horse. Hence, the joke of 'Do you know what color is Santiago's white horse?'

Santiago is the patron of SpainTherefore, although its big day occurs in different cities around the world, in this country its celebration is usually marked on all agendas.

In the celebrations of the Day of Santiago there is no shortage of religious acts, fun, music ... and good food. Therefore, below we propose a recipe that can never be missing in the festivities that take place in Spain, one of our favorite desserts! Have you ever tried the Santiago's cake?

Is about an almond cake topped by a cross of Santiago. To prepare it, you have to beat some eggs with icing sugar, to which chopped almonds are added. With a touch of lemon and cinnamon, it is even richer. It is put in a mold ... And in the preheated oven! It has to be there for 20 or 30 minutes at 190º. Do not forget to put the template of the Cross of Santiago before sprinkling the icing sugar on the coating. Delicious!

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The day of Santo Santiago is celebrated on July 25, as you well know. But you may not know that this name day shares a month with other very important holy celebrations such as the following:

  • July 13, San Enrique
  • July 16, Our Lady of Carmen Day
  • July 17, Santo Alejo
  • July 18, Saint Alexander
  • July 20, Saint Elijah
  • July 21, San Daniel
  • July 22, Santa Magdalena
  • July 24, Santa Cristina
  • July 26, Santa Ana and San Joaquín
  • July 27, Santa Natalia
  • July 29, Santa Marta
  • July 31, San Ignacio

And, as a curiosity, you should know that on July 25 the saint of Santa Carmen Sallés, Santa Glodesindis, San Teodomiro de Córdoba and Santa Olimpíada de Nicomedia are also celebrated.

The name Santiago is known in several languages, but it is more frequent in the Hispanic sphere thanks to the biblical tradition due to the influence that the apostle had. Despite this, it has an equivalent in very different languages. For example, in Italian the name of Giacomo or Jacobo is used; in English, Jacob; in Russian, Yakov; or in Swedish, Jakob.

You may have been surprised when reading this list, is Jacobo the same name as Santiago? Well, according to experts it is. In fact, Jacobo, Jacob, Iago, Yago, Thiago, Tiago, Jaime, Diego and Santiago they all come from the same Hebrew root: from 'Ya'akov'. It's a surprise, right? In fact, since Santiago sounds too classic for more modern parents, they choose variants like Yago, which are more fashionable at the moment.

By the way, the feminine form of this name is Santiaga, although there is also the name Jacobina.

Faced with the difficulty of choosing a single name for your child or wanting to pay a small tribute to two family members, many parents decide on compound names. If you are one of them and you are clear that Santiago has to be one of them, these are some of the options that you have at your disposal. Consider the meaning of both names and what they sound like before choosing one or the other.

  • Santiago Jesus. These two names make a good combination that could be used to call any baby boy. Jesus means 'Yahweh is the savior' and it is also a Hebrew name.
  • Jose Santiago. These two very traditional names make for a perfect compound name for your child. Did you know that José means 'may Yahweh add'.
  • Santiago Alejandro. Can you put two long names together and use them as a compound name? Well of course! Alexander is a nickname that has Greek origin and means 'to protect'.
  • Brian Santiago. Parents who want to give a touch of modernity to a name as classic as Santiago can choose to put in front of it a more current option such as Brian. This has Gaelic origin and means 'noble'.
  • Santiago Martin. This second name is very fashionable, in fact, it is one of the favorite names of the moment in countries like Spain. Martín is of Latin origin and refers to 'the man consecrated with Mars'.

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Take a moment to think. Can you think of any historical figure or some famous that bears the name of Santiago? Surely yes! These are only some of them.

  • Santiago Ramón y Cajal, physician and Nobel laureate
  • Santiago Calatrava, Spanish architect
  • Santiago Segura, Spanish actor and director
  • Santi Millán, Spanish actor
  • Thiago Santos, Brazilian athlete
  • Thiago Silva, Brazilian athlete

And many more! As a curiosity, we also tell you that Santiago not only refers to the name of a person, but that there are many places in the world that are called like that. Some of the best known are, of course, Santiago de Chile (capital of the Chilean country) or the Galician city Santiago de Compostela (in Spain).

Do you like to know the numerology of names? In this case you should know that the number that corresponds to the name of Santiago is 5. This means that the children who bear this name tend to be very energetic, the kind who play at all hours and know how to infect you with that illusion by enjoying every second of the day. In addition, they are also often considered children with great mental dexterity and they are very fast thinking and reasoning.

On the other hand, we cannot go without mentioning that according to numerology the little ones who bear this name are highly charismatic. It is difficult not to be conquered by a Santiago. However, this quality can become a defect if we do not transmit to children certain values ​​of respect for themselves and others.

After knowing all this information about the Saint James Day (Remember, July 25!) And all the curiosities as well as the meaning and origin of this beautiful name for boys, will you call your son Santiago?

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