Compatibility of Leo mothers with children according to their sign

Compatibility of Leo mothers with children according to their sign

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Those born between July 23 and August 23 And under the dominance of the Sun, Leo is one of the most powerful signs in astrology. Is a fire sign, therefore with a marked authority, pride and rectitude. What are the mothers of the sign of Leo like?Independent, positive, strong and loving ... that's how they are. They combine hardness and sweetness at the same time. A mix that makes them demanding and balanced mothers, relaxed and energetic, tender and tough. But how is the relationship of the lion mothers with their children, according to their signs?

Leo mothers like to be the center of attention, and they exert great magnetism among others. They are excellent mothers, with a great sense of family and home. But they also have ambitions and need to prove themselves by organizing whatever they can. They have a radiant and generous character that makes them great hostesses.

They sin in that they are women who can be carried away by the temptation of abuse your strength, because their strong temperament is always governed by the heart and they prefer obedience without discussion than dialogue.

They know how to command better than anyone, they may even have a certain tendency to vanity and a total lack of psychology, but they have good will, without malice, with lively, loving and totally impulsive feelings.

They are loving mothers who know how to enjoy every moment with their children but with little patience for their upbringing.

Leo mother compatibility with Capricorn child

Mother and child maintain a good relationship, although they have very opposite characters. Children of the Capricorn sign couldn't be more attracted to and overshadowed by their radiant and warm Leo mothers. Whereas Leo mothers love to feel the independence of their little Capricorns, even if they are never willing to tell them.

Leo mother compatibility with Aquarius child

This is a kinda relationship complicated. Leo mothers ask to be obeyed without question, however, Aquarius children need to swim in freedom, and they will not give their arm to twist without many explanations. Although the advice of the mother Leo is very valuable for the crazy heads of Aquarius children.

Leo mother compatibility with Pisces child

The Leo mother does not see things in the same way as her Pisces children, so it is not uncommon for there to be constant arguments. Good thing Pisces children are very calm and do not tend to push fiery Leo mothers to the limit. The energy of Leo mothers tends to put too much pressure on delicate Pisces children, so they should arm yourself with patience both.

Leo mother compatibility with Aries child

This is a special and interesting relationship. The two signs are energetic and powerful, and if they collide, someone can get hurt, but the truth is that they have a special chemistry. The Aries child is attracted to the warmth of Leo mothers and likes to feel protected by that security that they radiate.

Leo mother compatibility with Taurus child

They have one good relationshipAlthough Leo mothers have to use all their patience to deal with the stubbornness of Taurus children. The two share a beautiful way of looking at life, and they love to enjoy every moment, but it would be better for them if the Leo mother did not insist on projecting all her expectations for the future on her Taurus children.

Leo mother compatibility with Gemini child

Leo mothers share the sense of humor and joy of their Gemini children. They both love showing off to their new friends and wielding that power to enlighten and attract others. Problems only arise between them when overbearing Leo mothers work to dominate the character of their untamed Gemini children.

Leo mother compatibility with Cancer child

Cancer children idolize their Leo mothers, as they envy their cheerful and smiling character, while they are more taciturn and pessimistic. Mothers of this sign will feel the duty to protect their tender Cancer children and guide them in life, which gives them good stability and a excellent relationship between them.

Leo mother compatibility with Leo child

They are like two stars shining in the sky with a good relationship. Leo mother and son know how to be the admiration of others, but Leo mothers will want their children to achieve their goals and will push them towards success and will never let them fail, however Leo children will not accept pressure of their mothers.

Leo mother compatibility with Virgo child

This is a excellent relationshipAs Leo mothers demand that their children be tireless workers until they reach their goal, and Virgo children are meticulous in their studies, so Leo mothers will be able to show off their children's grades. Both of them resent being criticized and it would be better if they did not dedicate their efforts to pick on each other if they did not want to get away with it.

Leo mother compatibility with Libra child

These two signs get alongSince Libra children need stability in order to develop without getting lost along the way, and although Leo mothers are more prone to surprises, they know how to reward their children with discipline and help them to be stronger and more active. Leo mothers are good guides for their Libra children.

Leo mother compatibility with Scorpio child

Between the two they have a relationship with ups and downs. Introverted Scorpio children pose a challenge for Leo mothers, who would like to show their children a more open world. Both signs dream of taking over the world and will work hard to achieve it, and Leo mothers will undoubtedly be a good push for them. You just have to avoid imposing yourself too much if you want to avoid his temper.

Leo mother compatibility with Sagittarius child

This is one good relationshipAs long as the Leo mother relaxes and doesn't waste so much time trying to show herself to others. Sagittarius children like to be more pragmatic and simple and believe that their mothers waste too much time on the little details that make everything around them perfect. They are in danger of being too sincere in their statements and this can lead to fights that do not usually cause deep wounds.

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